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Graveyard Club

*Now, where the hell are you, Annie?* Cadee asked to herself, as she pushed past the crowd on the dance floor until she reached the bar, taking a seat in the spot with the best view of the whole club.

Anne had probably infected her with some goth-virus, because she actually liked the Graveyard Club, albeit not with a passion like she did. It looked like a Victorian ballroom, all glass chandeliers and ornate floor to ceiling columns, with purple and blue lights and Goth artwork projected onto the walls. The bar was long and inviting, the dance floor was very spacious, and near the walls there were many tables, puffs and several couches, along with some booths that provided more privacy. It was great, very sophisticated and classy, not a bit of trashiness about the place.

Cadee even liked the people it attracted. Hell, she should, her best friend was a regular! Besides, the place not only attracted goths, but other city-fauna types as well – and the occasional vampire, of course. There weren’t many places where they could show themselves and pass as humans… and strangely enough, she hadn’t heard of any fatalities at the club.

She was startled as female bartender, hair as red as strawberries, came over to serve her. And still no sign of Anne. Damn.

"Hi, hon." She spoke to Cadee with a purring Brit accent, "want anything to drink while you wait?"

Cadee laughed, she had been so evident. "Sure, a virgin daiquiri, please.” She laughed again at the cute bartender’s raised eyebrow. “Got class in the morning, no alcohol for me.”

“You know, I have this hell of hangover recipe I could give you-” But at Cadee’s look, she raised her hands in resignation. “A virgin-bloody-daiquiri is it.”

“No blood, please” Cadee said, enjoying the girl’s confusion at her joke. “Not my thing.”

She was about to sip on her alcohol-free drink, when Anne suddenly appeared from behind. Her smile was so big, Cadee thought she could see her ears through it.

“Guess what?” She asked, and sort of bounced up and down in her excitement. 

“Where the hell have you been?” Cadee asked instead, and gave her friend her drink, in an attempt to still her. It sort of worked, for she stopped bouncing, at least.

“Upstairs,” she answered, and Cadee knew she was talking about the more exclusive part of the club. Kinda VIP section. “So, guess what?”

She laughed, either she tried to guess or Anne would keep asking the whole night. “Let me see… you bumped into that Darque vampire of yours and he asked you to be his bride?”

“Better still!!!”

“Oh? What could possibly be better than that?” Cadee asked, intrigued at last.

“There’s gonna be a book launch party on Sat! ‘Darque Desires’! Lucinda Graves will be here, and probably some other authors as well! Isn’t it great?”

“Yay!” Cadee agreed, she knew how much those things meant to Anne. Then she remembered her previous encounter with the author. “You know, she was at Sláinte the other night, your vampire lady.”

“She what???” Anne’s eyes grew as plates. “Lucinda Graves was at the bar? And when were you planning to tell me?”

*Oops…* “Oh… now?”

“You gotta be kidding me! When did this happen? Lucinda Graves was at the Sláinte and you didn’t tell me? I can’t fucking believe it, Cade!”

“I’m sorry, Anne,” she said, and she bit her lip. “It sort of slipped my mind. She was there on a date. With detective Sandoval, remember I told you about him? She said she may return,” she offered in an attempt to ease things.

“You better text me the moment she puts a foot on that fucking bar again.” She said, pointing Cadee as she spoke. “And now let’s go ask Jasmin for a couple of passes for Saturday. I wouldn’t miss that party for anything.”

“I work on Sats, Annie-” she started, but was stopped by her friend’s angry look. Cadee sighed. “Ok, I’ll ask Angus for the night off… but then we’re even.”

“Of course,” Anne answered, finally smiling again. Then she sipped at Cadee’s drink and sprayed strawberry juice all over, “what the fuck is this, Cade? You trying to poison me or what?”

“As if I could,” Cadee laughed. “Bad weeds are hard to kill."



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