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2021-05-13 13:14 - Thursday
Balthazar's Office

The elevator dinged opened, revealing the familiar hallway to Balthazar’s office. Logan lingered a few second; he wasn’t in any rush to tell Romano that Rob had gotten away because he had bee too busy taking care of some girl he bulldozed over to keep up the chase. man, what a mistake that was. It was almost funny when he thought about it. Just how many times would he get chewed out in the same day?

“You going to dilly dally out there all day my boy?” Balthazar’s loud voice boomed jovially from the office down the hall.

“No, sorry sir,” Logan called back as he sped out of the elevator.

His boss’s office was really something to behold. Close to 1300 square feet, with marble floor, a small fortune in imported furniture and a western wall completely made of tinted glass. As massive as it was, there was definitely still a lot of unaccounted space on the 13th floor. There must be a hidden room or something Logan guessed.

“So, how is our friend Rob?” Sitting behind his gargantuan mahogany desk, Balthazar had his back turned to Logan, as he stared out the window to the city below.

“Well, probably halfway to Mexico, to be honest”.

“Is that so? He managed to get away?”

“I’m afraid so sir.”

Slowly, Balthazar’s chair spun around, but to Logan’s surprise the man did not seem angry, in fact, he looked to be in quite a decent mood.

“Ah well, don’t worry about it Loggey, can’t expect a big, athletic guy like you to be able to run as fast as a gangly little demon.”

Logan felt a bit offended at first, but when he noticed that Romano was laughing at his own joke, he relaxed. “I ended up crashing into this girl in Central Park. Banged her up pretty bad actually”.

“HA!” Balthazar slapped his knee, delighting in the thought of Logan clumsily running into some hapless woman. “Is that your way of trying to get a date my boy?”

“Actually, she wasn’t half bad to look at, but man oh man, definitely a few screws loose.” Logan was now chuckling along.

“Isn’t that the irony of the world, the hotter they are the more crazy they tend to be! Anyways, don’t worry about Rob, the money’s not important and I think he got the message. Actually I wanted to ask, are you busy tonight?”

The question caught Logan off guard, “Well, sir, you’re the boss so that really depends on you”.

“Touché!” Balthazar laughed again. “Of course of course. We’re going to the Hellfire Lounge again. I’ve got a meeting with an associate. And, given some of my track record there, I think it best if you’re around”.

“Whatever you want.”

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