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Character Name:  Carmine Bocelli
Race: Human/Revenant
Sex: Male
Birthdate / Location:  January 1st, 2000 - New York, NY
Group Affiliation: Balthazar Romano
Position:  Flunky, Dogsbody, Courier

Description: Carmine is played by Robert Hesse

Background:  Carmine has never been smart or well -liked. He's never been popular or outstanding in any way.  His only claim to fame was he was the first baby of the New Millennia born in Manhattan.  His mother is a second-generation immigrant.  His father was a sailor who happened to want some companionship before sailing off to another port.  It is unlikely he even knew that he had left Carmine's mother with a baby.

She did okay, though, between help from the church, her family, her neighbors and the local YMCA where she sent Carmine to play as a boy she managed to bring up a reasonably well-adjusted young man.  Even if he was a little slow.  Carmine struggled to pass school but he did graduate from High School in 2017 with a C average.

Carmine can read (but not well), he has a talent for music that isn't developed, and he is scrupulously honest.  He doesn't like to lie (unless he has to) and he would never tell anyone in authority a lie even if someone else told him to.

Carmine has only been working for Balthazar Romano for a year or so.  Carmine's mom thinks his job is like a gopher for the executives at a financial firm.  This is pretty close to the truth, although Carmine is often tasked with doing things like courier for money, artifacts, or other dangerous contraband only because he doesn't ask questions and the aforementioned honesty.

Carmine has gotten in trouble, however, because he is so honest, he generally believes other people to be just as honest.  When local boys told him that they left their candy on the register after they paid for it and asked Carmine to go and get it for them, he got arrested for shoplifting.  When a girl told him that another girl liked him he got in trouble for sexually harassing the other girl.  And when Balthazar Romano told him that the ugly man had threatened his mother, Carmine was arrested for aggravated assault (suspended).

Carmine is strong and big, even if completely untrained and he can (and has) hurt people unwittingly.

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