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Jeffrey Gordon had his Starbucks in hand and his iPhone playing Pandora as he walked into his desk at the City morgue.  He plopped into the chair that his overnight counterpart James Franco had vacated only minutes before.  He and James played this game, they would try to time Jeff's entrance so that he would never see James on his way out.  It was a stupid game but ever since James had decided to steal Jeff's girlfriend it worked pretty well for both of them.

James had left a mess on the desk and was still logged into the intake program they used.  The damn program would only run on Windows 7 so they had this ancient computer that took forever to update the database and so it took a long time to enter more than one or two records.  Judging from the pile of records on the desk, James must have had a busy night.

Looks like a dozen bodies, Jeff thought as he looked at the order.  Gunshots, lacerations, trampling (nice!).  He pulled out his iPhone and Googled the news.  Awesome!  A massacre in a nightclub.  Sweet, I bet a lot of those bodies were hot babes. Jeff wasn't turned on by dead chicks, but if they weren't too mangled he wasn't above taking a good look. 

Wow, 15 injured, and 8 of those in critical condition. Could be busy here over the next few days, no wonder he didn't finish.  But he should have logged out at least. Jeff swigged his Starbucks and proceeded to close the records and told the program to save.  Knowing it would be a while, he then went down the hall to the vending machine and got a bag of Sun Chips for later and then headed for the cooler.

He opened the door and dropped his Starbucks. There was blood all over the floor and James was there on the table with a horribly stupid expression on his face lying naked with his guts hanging over the side.  Two men and one woman stood around him.  All three were bloody.  The woman looked as if she had been shot in the chest and one of her breasts was hanging out in an odd way that Jeff knew was a ruptured implant.  He'd seen that before.

One of the men had four or five holes in his chest and the other man had a gash through his neck that should have been fatal. They looked up in surprise and the woman said, "Grab him, I need to kill one!"

Even as Jeff threw his Chips at the approaching man (What was THAT all about?), the other turned to her and said, "Hey, I need to kill one too, bitch!  Who said you got dibs on him?"

Jeff was thinking to himself as the other man pummeled him into unconsciousness that he really wished he hadn't run into James this morning and that he'd lost this round of the game for good.


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