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05:40 "Sunrise - One side of several phone calls"

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First Phone Call

"Balthazar.  Tony, why are you calling me at ... 5:40 am? what?  Who is this?  Sabine? Where's Tony?

"Slow down, Sabine, you aren't making sense.  He what? Are you okay? Okay. From the beginning, please, Sabine.

"Okay, let me see if I got this, you and Tony went back to your place, and he spent the night.  This morning you say something happened to him?

"Ash, hm?  Was there fire? No?  Okay, leave it there, I'll send someone to take care of it.  Go to your mother's or something. Sabine, I know this is upsetting, but it isn't your fault.  There, there.

"Listen, don't tell any one about it.  No, not even your mother, and especially not a priest. I am serious, Sabine, nobody. If I hear you have been talking then I will be very angry.  Very.  Listen, after you calm down some, take yourself to the spa here in my building.  On me.  It'll help, I promise.

That's a good girl."

Second Phone Call

"Frank, tell everyone on the staff that if they see Carmine Bocelli to keep him the fuck away from me.  All of them.  Email list, stupid! Shit! do I have to tell you how to do your fucking job?

"What do you do with him?  If you know where he is, then kill him.  No scratch that, that won't work.  Drop him in a well somewhere and watch  him for three days.  Then call me. 

"No, I don't fucking care which well it is, dumbass. 

"Oh, and call the spa and tell them to keep an appointment open for Sabine to come by today.  Tell them she needs to forget.  Yeah, one of those.

"Thanks, Frank."

Third Phone Call

"Logan, sorry to wake you up.  Whatever you are doing tomorrow night, cancel it, you are going with me to the Graveyard club. 

"I know you wanted the night off, but that's too bad, I really need you to be there. 

"It will be a lot of fun, but more importantly you blend better than Dumbass Frank.

"Tony isn't available.  No, he's really not. Look, just do it!"

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