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Character Name: Sven Tonnesen

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Birthdate / Location: August 29th, 1987. Drammen, Norway.

Position: Model and Actor


Sven is played by Alexander Skarsgård.

Aesthetics and Dress~
At 6’4”, Sven is an imposing figure. His short blond hair and piercing blue-green eyes are generally the first thing that people notice about him. With his good looks and trim, well-muscled body he tends to have no shortage of admirers.

Sven is easygoing and genial. Very little upsets him, and he takes most things in his stride.

The second child of a family of six, Sven grew up in a working-class area of Drammen, Norway. Early on he was interested in pursuing acting as a career, and even obtained some small roles in Norway and Sweden into his teenage years. However, he grew disenchanted with the media attention and quit to continue his education. Dropping out of university after only a couple of years, he enlisted in the military at the age of 19. The two years he spent in the military helped him to mature to the point where he realised he missed acting and wanted to pursue it properly. Feeling more equipped to deal with the attention that a public life would bring, he moved to New York where he studied theatre at the Marymount Manhattan College. He began getting small parts in TV shows and occasional movie appearances, but made most of his income doing model work. Although his career has been patchy at best he never lets it get him down. Recently, with his exposure as the face of Donatien Darque he’s been getting more work and making more of a name for himself.

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