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Donatien Darque is the main vampire character in Lucinda Graves' urban fantasy books. A model was used to portray his image on the covers and in promotional materials.

Donatien Darque is portrayed by Sven Tonnesen, who is portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård.


I am curious what everyone

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I am curious what everyone else thinks.

Do we need a "Fictional Characters" section of the Characters page?

probably not

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Unless Heather plans on expanding out her entire fictional universe, probably not.

Imagine the model was an

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Imagine the model was an 'actual vampire' who decided to come knock on Lucinda's door...

Shhh. Per Dave's comment -

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Shhh, Ally.

Per Dave's comment - I don't think we need a whole section. Donatien Darque happens to be the mainstay of Alison's novels and I just wanted to lay claim to the actor for him in case he got nabbed for an NPC somewhere else. I don't plan (at this stage) on adding any more characters from the Darque series.

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