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Name: Niall Tiergnan

Race: Human (Wizard)

Languages: English, Gaelic, Latin, Spanish, Draconic

Gender: Male

DOB: September 20, 1990

Description: Niall Tiergnan is a scruffy looking human in his early thirties.  He has dark brown hair that he tends to wear just a bit long, and intense brown eyes.  He usually appears in need of a shave and a haircut.  His clothing tend to be rumpled and weathered.  Niall wears a long, brown leather duster most of the time, that has seen better days, over a dark colored oxford shirt and either dark colored jeans or pants.  He carries a staff with him most of the time, which has a dark colored stone mounted on one end.  In addition, he wears a couple of bracelets on his wrists, and has an silver amulet which he wears around his neck all the time.  Niall is lean, but not emaciated, and gives the impression of sinewy strength. 

Attitude: A “working wizard”, Niall advertises his services as an investigator and “wizard-for-hire”.  Despite the fact that most people don’t believe in magic, Niall is out there with his honest calling for the whole world to see.  He has performed many services as a wizard and as an investigator for those in need.  Niall believes it is his responsibility to help the weak and downtrodden.  He tries his best to only kill in extreme circumstances, and has a strong set of ethics.  Niall is a “good guy” in every sense of the word. 

Niall has a few close friends, among them Chiedra, and heads up a “supernatural network” that provides assistance and information to those in the supernatural community.  Niall has an impressive set of magic skills that he has worked his whole life to perfect. 






Magically Powerful

Trained in hand-to-hand combat

Trained with a staff

Proficient in the use of small arms



Gullible (especially where women are concerned)


A good beer

A good burger

His Maine Coon “Sur”









Rap Music

Reality TV


Niall Tiergnan was born to a powerful magical family.  His mother and father were held in high regard by the supernatural community.  His early childhood seemed charmed.  He lived on his parent’s estate, surrounded by wealth and privilege.  Then, when Niall was 8 years old, his parents were both brutally murdered by a demon.  After their deaths, it was revealed that Niall’s parents had apparently had nefarious dealings with the demon and other dangerous underground supernatural elements.  They had been respected as decent, philanthropic mages, but this revelation tarnished their reputations completely. 

Niall was sent to live with his maternal grandfather, a grizzled old Wizard who lived in the craggy highlands of Scotland.  Keenan Tiergnan was a gruff man, and he lived a simple, somewhat rough life.  He kept to himself and was something of a hermit, but he loved his daughter and his grandson as well.  Niall was secure, though his new life was hard.  He learned much about living simply and living off the land from his grandfather.  He learned to be self-sufficient and strong.  Niall also learned right and wrong at the knee of this powerful, decent man.  They never discussed the secrets that had come out about Niall’s family, but Niall knew that his father was much troubled by them. 

Niall moved to America when he was nineteen.  He settled in New York and went to college there.  He studied Criminal Science.  He received his Bachelor’s degree and applied for an Investigator’s license.  Niall has been working full-time as a PI, with a magical bent, for nearly fifteen years.  When he was in his twenties, not long after setting up shop, Niall discovered Chiedra, a young, abandoned demoness.  He took her in and raised her as his own. 


Small apartment near Harlem.  Storefront PI office in a shabby building not far from his office.  Assortment of magical implements and tools, including his staff, fetishes, his charmed duster.  A handful of well-cared for handguns and a concealed shoulder holster, a black cat, and a subway pass. 


Average strength, though physically fit, average human senses and other statistics. 

Spells: Niall has an assortment of spells and rituals accumulated over his long career.  Niall also has a “hermetic library” in the basement below his apartment.  Niall possesses a few interesting magical artifacts he’s collected over the years as well, some of which he is not entirely aware of the use or purpose of. 

Niall is a part of an underground supernatural community that works together to assist one another with information or more material assistance when the need arises.  This group generally exists to help out the “little guys” of the supernatural underground. 

Played by:

James Callis



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