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Character Name: Connie Webb

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Birthdate / Location: July 20th, 1986. New York.

Position: Editor and Literary Agent

Description: Connie is played by Winona Ryder.

Aesthetics and Dress~ Connie tends towards the dramatic and pseudo-Gothic look most of the time.

Attitude~ Vivacious and extroverted, Connie tends to sweep people up with her infectious enthusiasm. A canny businesswoman, she uses this to her advantage when brokering deals for her clients.

Lifestyle~ Party, party, party. Connie loves to be out and about, and is happiest when she’s being “seen” in the best nightspots New York has to offer. Many of the deals she’s struck for her author clients have been while on the dance floor of some swanky nightclub.

Background: A New York native, Connie grew up in the heart of the city and has rarely strayed from its borders. She has a bevy of successful authors in her stable, mostly dealing with supernatural or Gothic subjects, and has developed a reputation as the best agent in town for writers wanting to break into that field. When Alison Scruggs told her old agent that she planned to write a vampire novel, he referred her to Connie Webb. Connie took Alison under her wing and has been working ever since to “sexy up” her public image, including helping to choose the name Lucinda Graves. Much of the success of the Darque series is due to Connie’s promotional efforts.

Items: iPhone, Bluetooth.

Powers: People find it hard to say no to her.

Secrets: Nothing of note.

Only Pseudo-gothic? No

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Only Pseudo-gothic? No summoning of the Ghost with the most?

That was her younger days,

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That was her younger days, maybe. Winona was only 17 when she did Beetlejuice. :)

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