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The store clerk turned away, taking her too “eager to please” smile with her as Evalyn continued her perusal of the diamond encrusted choker without bothering to glance up.

No, I do not need your help to see zat a piece of jewelry is pretty. She stole a look then at the clerk under her eyelashes and saw she was freshly occupied, nodding attentively with her head cocked to one side as she listened to a woman in a pink velour tracksuit making gestures over her wrist. Evalyn suppressed a shudder – she was sure that by now people would have had the sense to burn any form of pink velour tracksuit they possessed, or at least had the common decency to keep them out of the public eye!

What are you doing???

Ta gueule! Evalyn hissed inwardly, I am looking at a necklace, so sit tight.

I 'ave been sitting tight for thirty minutes! It is nearly 4:20! Get your ass out 'ere!

A small girl on her mother's distracted hand gaped at Evalyn who was growling in a low, threatening tone. Evalyn cut the growl short as she noticed the staring child and narrowed her eyes. The girl squeaked, darting for refuge behind her mother's legs and Evalyn suppressed another shudder.

Fine! Zere is too much pink velour and small children about anyway. Evalyn wasn't usually one to visit department stores, but she'd seen the necklace in a random catalogue and thought she'd pay the trinket a little visit and see what promise it held.

“Ello, Miss? Ello? Yes, oui, I would like zis necklace 'ere.”

What are you doing???

Shut up!

“No I would not like it gift wrapped.”


“Shut up! I said no! No gift wrapping!”

I am ready to go 'ome now!

Zen go 'ome! You 'ave short legs. I'll catch you up by ze end of ze block!

“I did not tell you to 'shut up'! Just put it in ze fucking box and let me pay!” Evalyn was all but fuming. She knew he was doing it on purpose too, but still, Yves small snickering in the back of her mind wasn't helping matters.

The store clerk finished the transaction with a tight lip. At some point, it appeared, the manager had wondered over and was giving Evalyn a flat, disapproving stare. And what for?!? Evalyn raised her eyebrows defiantly and stuck her chin up. After all, she was a paying customer today! They should feel privileged. There were definitely better places she could be spending her time and money. They should mind their own business and just do the mediocre jobs they're paid to!

“Merci,” Evalyn gave a curt nod as she claimed her bag from the clerk and turned to leave, the click of her heels following as she navigated her way through the too crowded store to the relatively less crowded street outside.

A silver striped cat sat perched just inside the alcove that was the store entrance way where it avoided being kicked by passers by. He was giving her a flat stare as the cold as the manager's inside. She didn't need him to speak to know what he was thinking. Instead, before he opened his mind, she calmly delved into her recent purchase, flipped the lid off the box inside, and pulled out a diamond encrusted choker to dangle before him.

“Your ozzer collar is starting to look a bit tatty, Mister Schnooky-poos!” She grinned wickedly, but the cat didn't move a muscle.

Je vais te tuer.

Evalyn chuckled and popped the choker back in it's box with it's cover, then set off, readjusting the bag on her shoulder as she walked. After a few strides Yves caught up and they continued side by side.

It is past 4:20.

Oh, désolée, I did not realise you were wearing your iddy biddy kitty watch today! Evalyn rolled her eyes. It is actually only 4:12, she continued on as she pulled out her phone to confirm and gave a nod of satisfaction. And anyway, I 'ave ze salad in my purse. We will be on time. Despite her words, though, Evalyn still picked up the pace.

They'd only walked near half a block when simultaneously, Evalyn and Yves' hackles rose as they sensed a certain creature approaching through the crowd, and automatically they made their way to the side to avoid it.

A woman appeared just then totting her petit little dog in a custom Louis Vuitton shoulder bag. Evalyn tried to ignore her upset and continue on, but she suddenly realised the woman was talking to her, “- Irresponsible!” she was saying.

“I'm sorry. Pardon?” Evalyn tried not to breathe through her nose as she replied to the woman.

“You should have that thing on a leash if you insist on walking it. It's irresponsible!” The woman repeated in what had to be a strong competitor for the world's haughtiest voice.

Evalyn glanced down at Yves who was now glaring at the pampered dog and emitting a menacing growl. When Evalyn glanced back, the woman was readjusting her dog to shield it from Yves as she returned glares and started to make shooing noises.

Evalyn paused for a moment, eyes narrowed, and wondered where this woman thought she had bought the right to lecture her on the street while she coddled a pathetic little cur to weak to even walk on its own!

“Yes, well. Zat it very interesting, and I am sure that if my cat 'ad a pea sized brain as small as your dog's that 'ee would run in front of a car too. Thankfully, 'ee does not! Au revoir!”

She left the woman then, ignoring her stuttered outrage and sympathy seeking of other passers by who could care even less than Evalyn at that moment. They all had better things to do.

After a few more strides, when she'd had a chance to calm down, Evalyn started to feel the warmth of Yves satisfied approval of her and turned her eyes to smile down at him. There was a genuine warmth and longing in her eyes as she held his gaze. It had been so long since they'd properly been able to hold each other and it all but killed her on the inside.

Come on – don't go soft now. Nous allons être bien!

Je sais, Evalyn sighed, I'm fine. Lets just get home.

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