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Character Name:Persephone
Other Names:
Race: unknown. Appears human
Sex: Female
Birthdate / Location: Unknown
Group Affiliation: Operator of the Hell Fire Lounge


Persephone is played by Natalie Portman

Aesthetics and Dress~Delicate and beautiful, the operator of the Hell Fire Lounge has an ethereal quality that is both enchanting and unnerving. She wears almost exclusively black, and her outfits range from simple and modest to completely avant-garde and over the top.

Attitude~Definitely ‘otherworldly’, Persephone is soft spoken, to the point where no single patron can remember a time that she raised her voice or became aggressive. Her speech is slow, her voice melodic and soothing. She can be known to speak in riddles and for those smart or patient enough to listen, she can be a wellspring of valuable information.


Even those ‘In The Know’ can tell you very little about Persephone, other than the fact that she runs the Hell Fire Lounge and that she’s also one of the most well informed contacts on all things Supernatural in NY. She’s never been seen outside the club (or coming and going from it for that matter) and never discusses her personal life with anyone. Her clientele love to speculate on her origins, some calling her a witch, others a seer, she’ll often hear demon, but never will she confirm or deny anything.

She’s a gracious host to the patrons of the establishment, and does not abide those who would try to cause a raucous. It’s a well known fact that the Hell Fire Lounge is a Neutral ground and if anyone (human, demon or vamp) tries anything foolish while inside, they will quickly be dealt with by Persephone’s three massive bouncers, Rus, Cerb, & Berry.

 Rus, Cerb, & Berry are identical triplets. They stand 6’5 and weigh well over 220lbs of pure muscle. The bouncers are played by Dolph Lundgren  

 Powers:Persephone has never displayed any supernatural abilities. However, mystics, seers and sensitives will all agree that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to her (but no one can confirm anything).

In which neighborhood in NY

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In which neighborhood in NY is the Hell's Fire Lounge located? (see HERE)

Upper West Side

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You can add it as the upper West side. On a side not, could you add Balthazar to Character page? Not sure to do it like you did with links and stuff.

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