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22:37 Attack in the Alley

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Ricky Chiang stood five feet away from Chiedra, talking to two young women dressed nearly identically in red pleather miniskirts paired with red and black pleather corsets.  The girls were both short, but teetered on spiked heels.  Ricky had one hand on the bare shoulder of the brunette of the pair, and he was leaning over towards the blonde, whispering in her ear.  Both girls held martini glasses half-full of some sort of pinkish liquid.  Chiedra watched the scene carefully, while taking in the surrounding room deliberately. 

22:31 Chiedra at work

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A long, rolling laugh erupted from the handsome, dark-haired man seated only a few feet in front of her, at a small table near the back of the dark, crowded club.  Shifting her weight slightly from one foot to the other, Chiedra stood with her back to the wall, looking out over the table and into the crowd.  Her eyes scanned the people milling about continuously as she watched for any trouble that might come her way.  Ricky Chiang was an important young man, particularly to his father, Tommy, and as such his safety was important as well. 

Character Proposal: Chiedra

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Name: Chiedra (pronounced “kee-ra”)

Race: Demon (Shadre)

Languages: English, Shadrese

Gender: Female

DOB: Unknown (arrived on Earth in the Fall of 2010); appears to be in her early 20’s

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