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To TPTB who know these things...

Is there a way to select posts by a specific character? I know that in the Season, the story is linear, all characters involved, but it would still be cool to see just, say, Mantheana's story, in a linear fashion.

I ask because I've got my bankers' box (file box) for LABN and would like to be able to keep track by character as well as linear.

Excuse the organization, but there are two things at work here: 1. I'm a secretary (for the hundredth time) and very organized, at least as far as paper goes, to a fault; and 2. I am so completely into this and want to really apply myself to something I've always wanted to do for other eyes than mine -- write.

Lemme know.



[Stupid?] Question

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Well there are two ways you could go about this - either you could use the search feature at the top of this page, and search by character name - that would give you a list of anything and everything that mentions that name.

So for example, you search the word 'Kate' and you'll get a list of every post which contains the word 'Kate'.

You could also go into the Memberlist - and view each player profile - there is a function there that allows you to view all posts made by an individual player, i.e. 'View All Posts by Catherine Wiccham' - this will give you a list of EVERY post by that player.

However, concidering we've had to re-post large chunks of the GB when they were wiped at one time or another - i'd recommend the first option. Since lots of posts were re-posted by Heather or myself at one point.

Using the first option will give you every post where that character was mentioned - so you should get their ENTIRE story that way...

Hope this was of some help :D

[Stupid?] Question

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It does. Thank you.

[Stupid?] Question

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Always glad to be of help :D -

I can understand how it would be useful to see a character's entire story - actually i kind of updated my character profile as a brief outline of Kate's adventures in Season 1, but obvously this lacks any depth of detail.

However what you'll probably find is that as characters begin to interact their storys tend to become somewhat inter-related... especially towards the end of season

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