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help! i still keep getting logged out. i cleared my internet cache, my temporary internet files and my cookies like instructed but i've still got to log in each time i come to the forum. :(

plus, when i try to log on from work, i can't even log in... it just keeps going back to the log in page, asking me to enter my user id and password. then i get logged out again about 10 seconds later...

see... like now, i can't even post in the forum under my nick... i'm using i.e 5.0... someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong? this is awfully frustrating! :x



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think i managed to solve the problem. i just installed i.e 6 and cleared the internet cache / cookies / whatnot again... it seems to be behaving itself now so just disregard my previous message. sorry guys...



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The problem with IE 5.x seems to be that it does not clear ALL the offline content when you tell it to clear all offline content. It wants to hang onto those cookies.

THere is a folder called "Temporary Internet Items" in your system folder that has all the IE5.x cookies and if you scroll through the list (and there could be thousands of cookies) and find the latenightgames ones you will be able to delete them.

Sorry for all the problems this modification caused! A little configuration problem made a lot of headache for everyone. Again I apologise...but hopefully once the new cookies are installed and all the old ones are gone this will be clear once and for all.


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speaking of help, I have a little problem.

I thought it would be a hoot to download the LABN font, an option given in the resources section. But once I did that, it changed the font on this site whenever I view it.

It was a mistake. I can barely read the profiles now.

Any suggestions on how to remove the font? I deleted something that said LABN font, but that didn't do the trick. there must be another file that I can't find.


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There are four Fonts in the download. They are (and the files that make that font):
Bart (bartb___.ttf, barti___.ttf, bartn___.ttf)
Lucida Handwriting (lhandw.ttf)
Dolphin (dolphb__.ttf,dolphi__.ttf, dolphr__.ttf)
Park Avenue (tt0362m_.ttf)

Bart is used for the Titles (Story, Resources, etc...)
Lucida Handwriting is used for Links
Dolphin is the Body Text
Park Avenue is used for Bold text

Whichever font you want to delete just open "Find a File" (Start->Locate->Files or Folders) then type in the files you want to delete. When it finds them, hilight them, and press the delete key. That will trash the font. It may tell you it is in use, but thats okay. Once they are deleted on older systems (like Win 95/98) you may need to restart.

Sorry it is so illegible...the other option is to increase your viewing font size. In IE: View Menu->Text Size->Larger (or Largest).

That should work too.

Hope this helps!


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Your instructions were clear, as usual.

I erased the Bart fonts, but some I couldn't erase on the list. I got an "Access Denied / Disk may be write-protected, etc, blah-blah" box. Worse, I still have the font. Perhaps things will change when I restart. If I don't follow up this post with a big DAMNIT!, then you can assume restart worked. If I don't follow up, then didn't work.

Either way, thanks Dad! (I mean: "Dave.")


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Nope. Still got the fonts.

But that's okay. I think I'm getting used to them. Much like I got used to my family growing up.



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it may still be possible to unload the fonts. If you can boot into dos (the "command line" in Windows Parlance) then windows will not lock those fonts.

You can also boot into "Safe Mode" and delete them using the directions above. (Windows loads only the minimal fonts in Safe Mode).

To boot into DOS on Win95/98 you can choose "Restart in Dos Mode" on the restart menu. It is also possible to get a startup menu by holding the F8 Function key (on some computers the CTRL key works too) during a restart and choose option 6 (I think) "Boot to the Command Line"

From the "C:\WINDOWS>" prompt type:
DEL C:\WINDOWS\FONTS\dolphi__.ttf
and repeat this for each font file you want to delete. Then CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart again and they should be long gone.

To boot into "Safe Mode" on WinME/2000/XP machines hold the shift key down during a restart and when windows is completely loaded then you can try to delete them again.

And...A Bonus last ditch effort...
Create a folder on your desktop called "Throw Away" (or other nonsensical name like "Untitled Folder" but its so boring!). Open your Control Panel, double click the fonts folder. Find the font you want to remove and Drag it into that folder. Restart. Throw the folder away.

This has only worked about 50% of the time for me but it pays to try sometimes.

Good Luck, and if it continues to be a problem let me know.

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