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errrm, to my very great surprise, i just found out that i'm a moderator for a user group called ... :o when did that happen and why?! *blinks owlishly*

what uses do these groups have anyway? i'm sorry, i think this topic was brought up before but i didn't take much notice then and i can't remember what was said... :oops:

first season veterans?

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Well it was an idea I had back when Sid was talking about ranks being a function of longevity and number of posts. I thought I could create a group called "Season one veterans" and give them different ranks...but I couldn't.

But I left the group. When you set it up it asks for a moderator...and so I picked your name out of a hat.

Anyhoo...the characters/players that survived Season one are in that group. And I may do the same for Midseason One as well. Its an arbitrary thing, but it may be useful one day.

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