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Game: L.A. By Night

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This is an open forum for posting comments, speculation, questions and such about the game LA By Night.
28 846 18 years 31 weeks ago
by Allyana
Post new NPC profiles, storyline announcements ect...
32 484 18 years 4 weeks ago
by MrDave
This is a member access only forum for archiving NPCs. These topics are mirrored to the many NPC character profiles on the LA By Night site
10 14 20 years 4 weeks ago
by Allyana
An Admin only forum for posting news items that appear on the front page of LA By Night and Late Night Games.
13 63 19 years 4 weeks ago
by MrDave
This is a Character Forum for Members only to modify and update their character profiles. Profiles appear on the La By Night site for the general public.
3 14 19 years 44 weeks ago
by Firefly
A READ-ONLY Forum of posts made in the past. This archive is for search and find functions as well as maintaining a record of past posting information
287 3763 18 years 48 weeks ago
by Disposable_Hero
This is a private forum (members only) for thoughts, feelings doodles, pictures, and past and future events of any character or NPC in the game.
39 205 18 years 37 weeks ago
by MrDave
This is a Moderator Only forum for storing the past timelines. This is for past timelines not for the current one.
8 17 19 years 50 weeks ago
by Heather
This is where applicants can see their character applications and their status. Anyone can comment on the application but only members can vote.
17 467 18 years 11 weeks ago
by MrDave
For passing notes and information to the members of the White Hats without having to send a million PMs every time.
12 185 18 years 49 weeks ago
by Logan
This is where the deceased, inactive, unused, never appearing, or unknown NPC descriptions finally come to rest
128 225 18 years 22 weeks ago
by Kent

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