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Care and Feeding of a Basement Monster

Poplar Avenue is an interesting place in that it was deliberately placed on a place of mystical power and carefully aligned. Part of the reason for the power there was the origin point of the EE. The other was the basement monster.

The basement monster is actually a Guardian for the EE's origin point. It was created by Shamans eons ago to eat doppelgangers. The Poplar Ave Guardian has never tasted one. It wouldn't know one if it was covered in BBQ sauce. The Basement monster has a twisted sense of duty. It eats "intruders"…those that do not come from within the house. But the origin point is within the house.

The Basement monster isn't all that bright. It has the relative intelligence of a dachshund. It knows the people that live there, and that’s about it. It likes to chew but does not need to eat more than once a decade or so. For lack of a better comparison, it’s the LA equivalent of the Sarlaac. (on Tatooine…the Sand Pit from Return of the Jedi).

Realizing there is a basement monster could be problematic. Communicating with it and befriending it also present separate problems. Then comes the task of re-training it. But, oddly enough, it is our best protection because once it knows about DGs it will faithfully eat every one that comes through the origin point until they stop coming forever.

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