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"The Metaphysics of the Evil Entity"

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Season 2 of LA By night introduces a new big bad, and a new threat to the lives of the general populace of Los Angeles. The world was populated by demons until only about a million years ago or so during the Pleistocene epoch when mankind sort of inherited the earth. The demons fled and (except for a few hangers-on like the Vampires) they ignored the place.

But there was something watching. It liked to watch as it had watched so many other dimensions. And the more interesting ones, it had entered and completely replaced all the life. When it got boring it abandoned that dimension and went somewhere else leaving behind a dead place…a void.

Earth was fairly uninteresting after the demons left and until Man began to do fascinating things like use tools to wage war on other men and exterminate different races (like the Elves and the Neanderthals), the Entity left us alone. But then it extruded a feeler into the world. This "blank" looked like one of the humans…the trulls it called them. It went out, found that human and took its scars, tattoos and life.

Soon there were dozens, and then hundreds of these "doppelgangers". Each one took the life of a trull. Each life it took gave it more of a foothold in the universe, and soon it had other portals where it could produce more doppelgangers. It was a slow methodical process, but it was steady and the Extra-dimensional Entity (EE) had eternity.

But early humans, although less advanced, were just as intelligent as humans have always been. They understood things about the universe that modern man scoffs at or does not believe. So the shamans empowered special Protectors and Defenders to hunt and destroy the doppelgangers. They created guardian beasts to eat these "blanks" as they entered the world.

Soon the effort to send blanks became more trouble than it was worth. So the entity stopped. But the EE never forgot that interesting place called Earth. A Million years later, a tinkle of energy captured it's attention again. Things had changed. The guardian beasts, defenders and protectors were no more. The shamans had forgotten the doppelgangers. So the EE opened a hole, extruded a bit of itself into the universe, and started again.

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