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hi, ok firstly id like to thank everyone for accepting me so quickly! second i am trying to load a little pic of SMG who plays kass, but it won't work can you talk me through it , if someone could just e-mail me or something, sorry to be so h4elpless but this is the first time ive done anything like this.
thanx again,


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Welcome on board. We give preferenntial treatment to friends of our friends so you can thank Booj and Alice for getting you in. But your character is a good one and it will be fun to see where this goes with her.

First, with pictures, just gather up all the pics you want to use and email them to me. admin@latenightgames.com I will upload them to the system. Its faster and easier and gives you a good head start.

There are other ways to do it, but they are sometimes flakey and hard.

Second in you character profile you mention...

As her powers grow she will grow wings and if she meets the fairy queen ever she will be given a wand which will expand her powers. At the moment Kass has a limit to what she can do but as she grows the limit will be less and less.

While it is nice to know these things it isn't neccessary to put them in your profile. It is assumed you don't know what your future will hold any more than we will. Leave it in if you like but my suggestion is to leave it out completely.

Maybe some sort of vague notion that her powers will increase given time.

Are you familiar with the story of the "changeling"? A child is stolen by fairies and is replaced with a fairy child. Usually these fairy children are little monsters, but once in a while they are fair and beautiful ones as well. The human child is taken back to the fairy kingdoms and is raised as the opposite of the other.

Somewhere out there may be another Kassidia who is cruel and well trained in Fae magicks. Just an idea...


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thankyou thats a good idea i will think about it and depending on how Kassidia develops i will try to include it, thanx for the note about the powers, no i don't know her exact future but i have plans, although knowing me i will probably forget by the time i want to post them! anyway thank you again i am looking forward to developing Kassidia into an interesting and exciting character.

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