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hello again, sorry to be a pain, but i have been writing my posts up in microsoft word, then copying and pasting, unfortunately whenever i do this all my speech marks and apostrophes change to this wierd code. does anyone have any ideas on how i can avoid this,only i still need to write it up elsewhere else ill have to spend hours correcting it! any comments on how to avoid this problem would be greatly appreciated!

grammar, speech marks and apostrophes!

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THis is a combination of two things coming together badly.

One is MSWord's Smart Quotes. Smart Quotes are when the quotes curve one direction or the other epending on which side of the quote they are on. MSN sets this feature as a default and when you paste Mythic does not recognise the character so it assigns it an HTML code for that character.


By default HTML is turned OFF for posts in Mythic. In your profile you can disable (rather re-enable) HTML in your posts and that should take care of it.

Or you can Turn off "Smart quotes" in MSWord either way that will fix the problem

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