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Race: Vampire

Sex: Male

Real Name: Morris Giles

Nick Name: Morris

Birth Date & Location: 24th January, 1935 – London, England

Position: N/A

Group Affiliation: The Watcher’s Council/The Brotherhood

Morris was turned when he was around 50 years old so he’s forever frozen in that age. He is a ruggedly handsome man. He has greying brown hair and hazel eyes; in the left side of his face he has an ugly burn scar and another small one in his chin. Morris is tall and well built.

(Morris is played by Harrison Ford)

Morris Giles was born in London to a long line of Watchers. His father was a Watcher and so would be his offspring. He was the youngest of the family, the child of old age. When he was born, his older brother was almost 15 and already in the path to becoming a superb Watcher. Her mother died giving birth.

In these conditions, Morris grew up in isolation, his father and older brother too engrossed in the Council’s matters to pay him much attention, and at the same time he didn’t go to boarding school where he could have met other boys of his age and class. They didn’t teach you magic or demonology in Eton, after all.

However, Morris was an active and extroverted boy and was loved by all the servants and private teachers, and he always found ways to run from home and play with other children in the street. With the years, Morris developed a streak of rebelliousness that didn’t go well with the Council’s strict ways.

When Morris was 8 years old, his father’s Slayer was killed. Most Watchers don’t live much past their Slayers’ death. They died with the girls they trained and loved, or they kept on living but bent and broken. That was the case with his father. He was never the same again, he took to drinking and gambling, losing the family fortune in the process and finally getting himself killed by a demon.

When his father died, his brother considered him old enough to go to the Watchers' Training program. He was young but well trained already, so he quickly adapted to it. In the program, Morris’ life changed. He made friends and for the first time in his life he enjoyed himself, becoming obsessed by learning all he could of the occult, especially magic. Two years after he entered the program he befriended a new student, a little younger than himself, Ernest Longwood. Morris and Ernie became best friends thorough their training, developing a friendship that would last his lifetime.

Meanwhile his brother had secured a chair in the Council, married and had a son, Rupert. Morris loved Rupert and saw upon himself that the boy didn’t grow up isolated as he had, becoming closer to him than his own father. His brother, however, didn’t like the situation. Morris wasn’t serious enough to be a good influence on his child, so he sent him to South America to investigate the possibility of a girl there of being a potential Slayer. The girl’s name was Alessandra Hunt.

When he got to Paraguay, he discovered that Alessandra wasn’t a girl at all. She was older than him, although she looked like a teenager, and had demon’s blood. However, he continued to believe her to be a potential, and started training her. The half demon was grateful to have somebody take care of her. She had lost her father years ago and spent many years with her demon’s kin in the rain forest. However, she wanted to live among humans again, but didn’t know how to do it. The appearance of Morris, telling her of a possible Slayer’s future gave meaning to her life.

Morris kept the information about her demon’s blood from the Council because he knew they wouldn’t understand his training a halfling. Nevertheless, the Council had many ears and eyes, and after a couple of years of his training, the truth came out. Morris’ brother was enraged: no way a half-demon, souled or not, could become a Slayer, his brother was losing his time in South America. He demanded that he left his trainee and returned to the Council’s headquarters in London.

By that time Morris had already decided that Alessa couldn’t possibly be a Potential, although he never said so to her because he didn’t want to leave her; the woman had become too important for him to do so. He sent word to his brother that he would stay in South America training her; even if she wasn’t a potential Slayer, she was strong enough to become a good ally to the Council. This was unacceptable for his brother either.

Morris’ rebellious streak surfaced then. He travelled to London to speak in person to his brother, but he was completely unbending and had convinced the Council to support him; he even got to the extreme of threatening Alessa’s life if he didn’t leave her. This attitude opened Morris' eyes to the Council – prejudiced and stuffy, but also dangerous. Men and women with a narrow understanding of what their duty allowed, unable and unwilling to accept new possibilities. Morris only saw two options, to leave Alessa and go on as Watcher or to resign the Council and keep training her. The decision wasn’t hard to take, he returned to Paraguay to Alessa.

Once free of the Council’s restrictions, Morris allowed himself to develop a relationship with Alessa and after a couple of years they became lovers; living together until he was turned by a group of Dathan’s minions.

Morris’ Turning~
All his life Morris had been interested by the Elder vampire Dathan. Every new place he went he researched about him, finding traces of the vampire in many old cultures, especially in South America, where he had dwelled for so long, so long ago. Morris research took him to the old Company of Jesus’ missions; where he researched old stories about the vampire.

The Society of Jesus,or Jesuits as they are commonly called, is a religious order founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola and its formation was approved by the Pope Paul lll on 27 Sept., 1540. From the very beginning the missionary labours of the Jesuits among the pagans was as important as their activity in Christian countries. As the object of the society was the propagation and strengthening of the Catholic faith everywhere, the Jesuits naturally endeavoured to spread their faith among the pagans. Of the Spanish missions, the most noteworthy were in South America, until they were dissolved in 1768.

Between the years 1609 and 1768 in the border areas of the current Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, flourished the “Jesuit Province of Paraguay." The priests had more than one hundred thousand Indians under their charge. These Indians were of the Guaraní tribe, although they called themselves simply Abá, that is, men.

In the past, the Guaraní Indians had known and feared Dathan, believing him a God/Devil. When the Jesuits started to evangelise the Guaranís they became a threat to him, so the expulsion of the Jesuits was promoted by him, or most possibly by Krispin. However, some knowledge about Dathan was preserved by priests who fled to the jungle and were rescued by the Indians that they had protected. These Indians retreated to the Devil's Gorge, where a family of Shamans have lived for centuries. Following the steps of the priests, Morris got to the gorge himself, where he translated and copied the ritual to destroy Dathan.

However, when he finally had gotten all the information together, he was attacked by a group of Dathan’s minions. They killed the Guaraní Indian that was helping him and set fire to his cabin, turning him afterwards; following the orders of the Elder, that found it amusing to turn an ex-watcher.

At the moment of the attack Morris suffered great burns, but after being turned he healed fast, and only an ugly scar on his face betrays his ordeal. However, he needed many weeks to completely recover, and after he did so the first thing he wanted to do was kill his former lover, Alessandra Hunt. He wasn’t worried about the ritual he had discovered, he was positive that his diary, the only place where he had recorded his research, had been destroyed in the fire, and he hadn't had time to tell Alessa about it. He looked for her in Santa María, her hometown, and in the rain forest, among her demon kin, but couldn’t find her. He travelled then to LA, where she had human kin and not finding her either, proceeded to kill her entire family.

He lost interest then, and put himself under Dathan’s orders. The Elder found it useful to have a former Watcher at his call and put him to work in what he was best, research of supernatural events. Morris continued travelling around the world, investigating different prophecies, magical devices and events that could be of use for his Master, never returning to the States until Dathan summoned him to benefit of the Slayer’s Ritual.

He wasn't long in LA before the White Hats performed the Guaraní Ritual he had so long ago discovered. After seeing Alessa in the hotel it wasn't difficult for him to guess that she had given them access to it. After the ritual, he has kept himself apart of the surviving Elders, Valerian and Krispin, for it won’t be long until they discover what was that destroyed the other two and who was responsible for unearthing it. He’s biding his time to extract revenge from Alessa, getting his strength back (surviving the Guaraní Ritual almost destroyed him) and gathering his own group of vampires to support him.

In his human life Morris had been a Watcher and thus has good use of all kinds of weapons (although, like most Watchers, he despises fire weapons) and fighting techniques. He was also well versed in the esoteric and occult, demonology, ancient languages, etc. He developed some expertise in magic too.

However, when he was turned, and later benefited by the Elders' Slayer ritual, he gained in strength and power. Now Morris is much stronger than the average 20-year vampire, and he’s a powerful magician

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