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Kenta Tonichiwa "Toni" (DECEASED)

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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Kenta Tonichiwa

Nick Name: Toni

Birth Date & Location: 8th April, 1940 – Japan

Died: 21st January, 2007 – Los Angeles (Read About It)

Position: Martial Arts Expert, Mage

Group Affiliation: NONE

Toni is an aged Asian man short in stature but quite well built for his size, he is balding but has a well kept beard; he has a wise and trustworthy look about his face. He almost always can be seen wearing trousers that seem a little too big for him and a short sleeved shirt (unless he is teaching that is). He is well respected in his local community and he is the sort of person that you would cross the street just to say “hi” to.

(Toni is played by Pat Morita)

Toni moved to America from Japan with his parents in the late 50’s, after his father died in 1970 Toni moved to L.A and after several bit careers he saved enough money to open his own dojo ‘Toni’s’, towards the outskirts of L.A. Toni is well aware of the going’s on in L.A but he prefers to stay away from trouble as much as possible.

Toni was killed in Midseason Three after Jeet’s amulet was activated causing the aged man to have a fatal fall.

Toni is a master of Martial Arts and is trained in various disciplines including weaponry. He also has spent many years studying magic and is able to perform quite complicated spells if necessary, although he rarely does so. Despite his age Toni still has the strength and reflexes of a much younger man.

Toni owns numerous combat weapons from swords and staffs to crossbows and sai. He also owns a small fishing boat which he keeps in the L.A harbour.

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