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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Enzo Lautari

Nick Name:

Birth Date & Location: 11th January, 1953 - Rumanian Woods, Romania

Position: Clan Advisor

Group Affiliation: Kalderash Clan

Enzo stands at 6ft with a pale complexion, something rare in his clan. He has short, black hair and dark brown eyes. His hooked nose convinces people he is Jewish until he speaks with his thick Romanian accent. He is in good shape for his age. He mostly wears suits as a part of his job, but when he’s not working, Enzo wears the traditional clothes of his clan.

Enzo is quad lingual, speaking Romani, Romanian, Russian, and English. His English is not the best in the world, but he’s working on it.

(Enzo is played by Mandy Patinkin)

Enzo Lautari was born to first time mother Yolanda Lautari of the Kalderash people in 1953 in the harsh Romanian winter. Originally planned to get married at 15, Yolanda decided to break tradition and allow her son to marry whenever he pleased, just as in England and France, places which she visited often when she was younger.

Enzo attended the local public school as a child by request of his mother, who was becoming quite the revolutionary of the clan. He did average in school, but he awed most with his violin abilities. His childhood was pretty average.

The Kalderash Clan was known throughout the “real world” for their accurate prophecies and powerful magic. These abilities impressed the Coven of Sindell. There were many representatives sent to the clan about letting the Coven raise one of those in possession of premonitions, but the clan refused.

Disaster struck Enzo and the clan when he was 15 years old. The Coven of Sindell, frustrated with the Kalderash’s rejections, decided to take matters into their own hands. Under some very bad advice, the Coven attacked the Kalderash people in 1968. Since the Roma protect each tribe with various magics shielding off other magic, the Coven attacked with a horde of extensively trained archers. Enzo, his family, and the rest of the clan fled deeper into the woods as arrows sped through the air. Suddenly, a stray arrow struck the heart of Enzo’s 5-year-old sister, Violaine. The ambush ceased. The future prophet of the Kalderash Clan, the object of the Coven’s raid, was inadvertently killed. Enzo could never forget his baby sister’s face as she died.

Gyözö, the son of Rom baro (the chief) and Enzo’s father, took charge of the situation once word reached him that his father was killed. He organised a meeting date between the leaders of the Coven, him, and the Clan’s kris, or the tribe council. After three months of discussion they finally arranged a treaty called “The Treaty of Violaine”, named after Gyözö’s young daughter. In this treaty, the Coven would provide for any of the needs for the clan as long as the Kalderash sent the Coven every prophecy the visionary saw. Enzo took advantage of the treaty. The next year, he quit school and moved to London, where he performed in the stage show Fiddler on the Roof. He stayed there for a few years until 1971, when the movie version of Fiddler was released and became a huge success.

Taking advantage of its popularity, Enzo moved to America to perform in the off-Broadway production of the same show. Two years later, Enzo met a girl by the name of Lorraine Jones after a random show. He immediately met her parents, who weren’t too pleased to see him. Mr. and Mrs. Jones originally thought their daughter was interested in a Jew, until he began to speak. It was worse than they thought: a Communist.

Twenty year old Enzo and eighteen year old Lorraine began to date steadily. For six years, they dated. Then, in 1978, Enzo asked Lorraine to marry him. She immediately said yes, which Enzo found strange since he was used to the brides-to-be asking their parents first. Nonetheless, the Jones' were against the marriage. Gyözö and Yolanda then traveled to America to reason with Lorraine’s stubborn parents. They offered the Jones' a hefty bride price. Reluctantly, the Jones', being real Americans, accepted the money and agreed to the wedding. That same year the two married in a ceremony in Long Island, New York.

For two years they lived a quiet, uneventful life. That was until Enzo’s niece, Adriana, was born in 1980. Days afterwards, Enzo received a letter from his younger brother, Dmitri, begging Enzo to raise his daughter. Lorraine encouraged her husband to take in the girl, stating “The Lord does not shun the good hearted, not matter who they are.” This convinced Enzo to raise his niece.

Not even before Adriana reached them, another plea for help came from Janna, a young widow of the clan with a six-year-old son of her own. She desperately wanted to attend the school of magic which the Coven of Sindell held, yet her son was in the way. Enzo, having the good-hearted wife he has, accepted Janna’s son, Sergei, into his home.

Four years later, Enzo had his first child. It was a healthy baby boy which he and Lorraine named Victor, which was the Latin form of Gyözö, Enzo’s father who had recently passed away. His happiness was elevated when his daughter Rosaline was born three years later. But from the beginning of his relationship with Lorraine, Enzo received great hostility from Lorraine’s parents. The tension rose when Sergei and Adriana came to live with them. Even after the births of Victor and Rosaline, their attitudes did not change. Enzo learned to live with that, but the children didn’t.

In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell, marking the fall of the Satellite nations, including Romania. Enzo finally was able to see his clan again and introduce the children living under his roof to their people.

Today, Enzo still lives in Mount Vernon with his wife of 28 years, Lorraine.

None that he knows of.

His most valued possession is his wedding ring.

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