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Race: Not Classified

Sex: Female

Real Name: Pandora

Nick Name: NONE

Birth Date & Location: Unknown

Position: Witch

Group Affiliation: NONE

Long, fair hair, average height and willowy frame. One green eye, one blue. Pale skin. Kind and compassionate, but can turn ice-cold in an instant. Pandora is forgiving and patient and never takes a risk that puts herself and those around her in danger. In fact, she would never endanger any human or innocent life. As a Sensei, she cannot experience hate, bitterness, or irrational anger, because these things are part of the disharmony of evil. Pandora is utterly devoted to her life’s work.

Little is known about Pandora. And that is how she wants it. Whether she is the originally Pandora referred to in myth is unknown and something she never clears up. In fact, whether here true name is Pandora is also in doubt.

Pandora has been on the Earth for thousands of years. Some say she is an atoning demon. Others that she has been sent down by the Powers That Be similar to Whistler. What is known is that she is incredibly learned in much lore. Like The Vagabond, she uses her knowledge wisely, aiding those about to fight great evil. Over the centuries Pandora has played both direct and indirect parts, although again like The Vagabond preferring the latter. Still, she has been known to go in spells flying when needed. Often, Pandora prefers to remain ‘behind the lines’ casting magical support and/or banishing opponents.

Pandora radiates a ‘calming’ aura. All in her presence feel a sense of peace, even in the direst of circumstances and are able to focus on their tasks, despite their fears. She is a highly skilled witch who once bound a demon within a mortal. This was her greatest feat, and she has never been able to repeat it again. Though whether she has tried and failed, or not ever tried again is unknown.

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