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Race: Vampire

Sex: Female

Real Name: Jem

Nickname: Black Jem

Birth Date and Location: Circa 1839 - England

Died: 12th August, 2006 – Los Angeles (Read About It)

Group Affiliation: The Black Veins

Position: Gang leader

Jem's Picture Gallery

Jem is tall and has long black hair. She often wears a black leather duster, short black skirt with black/purple striped tights and knee high platforms boots or black leather pants. She usually wears black tank tops. Jem Wears loads of black make-up and has a few piercing. She is the leader of a large gang and controls many minions.

(Jem is played by Shakira)

Jemima was born in London, England in 1839 to a fairly rich family. Angelus sired her in 1864 and she became known as Black Jem. She was sired on the same day as Ebony who had been her friend since they were both humans. Black Jem was set on getting a reputation and of people fearing her which she did achieve with the help of her friend.

Jem travelled the world many times and lived in Spain for a long time as she had a love for the country and has killed two slayers in her time, one in Madrid, Spain and another in London, England.

In 1890 Jem sired Chris, an upper class English man who she taught the ways of vampires. He has left her several times in the past but always came back, which she accepted and wouldn't ask anymore of it.

Although English, Jem has lost her accent after spending many years in the States. She is currently the leader of a gang called The Black Veins who are set on destruction.

On 12th August 2006, Black Jem and most of her gang were slaughtered by Dathan one of the ancients of The Brotherhood.

Jem lives in a crypt in a large cemetery in LA. She used to live next door to Ebony until she was dusted recently. She owns many weapons, some of which are trophies from the two slayers she has killed.

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