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Race: Human

Sex: Female

Real Name: Edwina Lillith White

Nickname: Mrs. White

Birth Date and Location: 6th March, 1780 - Boston, Massachusetts

Died: 17th February, 2005 – Los Angeles (Read About It)

Position: Landlady of 1318 Poplar Avenue

Group Affiliation: Ex Member of the Circle of Osiris

Mrs. White is a slight woman but despite her age she is in fine health and has bright blue eyes and silver hair. She is attentive (perhaps too much so) and is more than willing to care for those in her charge. She takes an active interest in the lives of her tenants.

(Mrs White is played by Jessica Tandy)

One of the early members of the Circle of Osiris, Edwina demonstrated a talent for magic. She was recruited in her 20's and by her 30's she had mastered many sophisticated magics including those used for halting the ageing process. Her primary responsibility within the Circle was maintaining the ages of the members.

In 1813, a member of the Circle of Osiris built the brownstone building known as 1318 Poplar Avenue as a haven for the Circle. Each of the members had an apartment on the first or second floor, and the third floor became a sanctuary for casting spells and summonings because of its precise alignment.

Edwina met a man named Harold whom she married in 1939. She gave up all her involvement with magic and the Circle. They were married for more than 60 years before his death in 2004. They had five children.

Edwina died in her sleep on the night of 17th February, 2005. The coroner ruled the death of natural causes, but both Victor and Natasha Brookes dreamed that it was actually caused by the Demon Vrithetek

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