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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Orvill Regnald Wedge

Nickname: Bob

Birth Date and Location: 5th November, 1979 – Los Angeles, California

Position: Bartender/Informant

Group Affiliation: NONE

Bob's Picture Gallery

Bob is 5'10" tall with a skinny, wiry build. He has short dark hair which is thinning on top, Bob has clear blue eyes and a greyish complexion from spending all of his time indoors.

(Bob is played by David Marciano)

Bob doesn't discuss his past with anyone mainly because nobody cares. He gained control of the Bar when the previous owner disappeared five years ago. His bar is open to anyone both mortals and demons and is very popular among the vampire community.

Bob is well known as an informant and will use any information he overhears to earn himself a fast buck.

Owner of Bob's Bar.

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