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Race: Vampire

Sex: Male

Real Name: Valerian

Nickname: Valerian

Birth Date and Location: Circa 390 A.D – Alexandria, Egypt

Position: Former Member of The Brotherhood

Group Affiliation: The Brotherhood

Valerian's Character Gallery

Valerian was embraced in his mid to late twenties and has retained much of his youthful good looks, despite being one of the oldest vampires in existence. He has extremely pale skin, dark wavy hair and intense, brooding dark eyes. Although not tall, Valerian has a dark, commanding presence that draws attention, and is hypnotically charismatic when the situation calls for it.

Due mostly to his ego and vanity, Valerian's style leans towards the theatrical. He favours clothes worn during the Victorian era, feeling that a coat, trousers, neck-cloth and cape are the proper attire for "gentlemen" of his "esteemed position". From time to time though, he does outfit himself in more modern outfits, preferring the flamboyance of European tailoring in a variety of dark shades.

(Valerian is played by Johnny Depp)


The Early Days ~
Valerian was the son of a Roman Patrician towards the end of the empire. He was present in Alexandria in 415 AD, when the Library there was burned, and it was during the riots marking this event that he first came to the notice of the Master.

The Master saw in Valerian a ruthless efficiency. During the madness and mayhem, Valerian acted to preserve his life at all costs and this, more than anything else, convinced the Master that he would make an excellent addition to his brood. Valerian eagerly accepted the embrace... the promise of immortality and superior physical abilities was too seductive to pass by, especially after the Master gave a simple demonstration of Valerian’s mortality.

The next thousand years of Valerian’s life were spent with the Master and his brood, slowly learning the powers that set the Master’s direct childer apart from other vampires. Unlike his vampiric sibling Kakistos and his sire, Valerian’s physical appearance changed little during this period... He made every effort to maintain the outer facade his mortal self had been born with, the vanity he'd suffered as a human had not diminished any in his state of undeath.

As the years passed, the Master slowly became irritated with his fractious childer... for although they were powerful, they frequently opposed his goals and obstructed what he saw as his rise to universal power. Finally, in the late 14th Century, these arguments came to a head. Unable to control his childer directly, the Master formed the Order of Aurelius, his own death cult, vowing that he would be the sole power within it. His brood, including Valerian, scattered to the four winds as they sought to avoid their sire’s wrath.

The Brotherhood ~
For the next three centuries, Valerian lived quietly... Moving around Europe and Asia, he avoided the notice of the Slayer for the vast majority of this period, though he was responsible for the deaths of four of the Chosen Ones... In September of 1666, when Valerian had settled down in London, he met his fifth Slayer. Although modern historical accounts place the origin of the Great Fire of London at a baker's shop in Pudding Lane, the real reason for the setting of the fire was the Slayer’s desperate last (and almost successful!) attempt to destroy Valerian.

It was after this harrowing event that Valerian realised the dwindling numbers of the Master’s brood as its members were slowly picked off. At least four "Elders" had fallen over the past three hundred years, and Valerian had noticed that there had been numerous attempts on his life, much more so than before.

Having drawn such a conclusion, he contacted a number of his brood siblings and they formed a cohesive that became known as The Brotherhood. Apart, each of them were potential victims for the Slayer - difficult kills, but still within the realm of possibility. Together, the combination of their collective powers meant that it would take more than a single Slayer to kill them.

Valerian was the youngest nightwalker among the four, but by no means the least ambitious. In fact, he was the Brotherhood's driving force, pushing each of its members' powers to new heights through a combination of research and dark magic. Like Valerian, his counterparts (the vampires Dathan, Nicholas and Krispin) were famed for their uncannily developed abilities previously unheard of amongst the undead, which included the ability of flight, teleportation, mind control and astral projection.

The Brotherhood prospered for over two hundred years. Though vampires such as Darla and Angelus were the most notorious of this period, in reality, the Brotherhood did the greatest damage to humanity.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Valerian decided that it was time for the Brotherhood to be dissolved and for the four of them to re-insinuate themselves among the earth's mortal population. The reason for this was two-fold - Firstly, the recent publication of Bram Stoker’s "Dracula" flamed the increasing dismissal vampires as myths by Victorian society in general... It was safer now to go solo as a blooddrinker. Secondly, all four Elders had grown weary of the Hunters and other glory-seeking individuals looking to eliminate the Brotherhood. Staying together was becoming more of a hindrance, since tracking a group was easier as compared to tracking a solitary individual.

Hence, the four Elders went their separate ways, scattering themselves across the globe. Dathan made his way to Germany, Nicholas to Russia, Krispin to Australia...

The year was 1941... the Master's whereabouts had been unknown since the 1937 earthquake, not that it bothered any of the Elders. Like many vampires, they were arrogantly self-absorbed. They'd had little interaction with their sire or the Order of Aurelius since the 14th Century... The news of his disappearance and rumoured demise meant nothing.

Valerian headed towards Asia again, settling in Hong Kong. The atmosphere suited him and the recent death of a Slayer during the Boxer Rebellion in nearby China made it a relatively safe place to establish a home base. He built his power slowly, infiltrating the government and triad networks to get them to do his bidding as he went about covering his own tracks. Valerian then slipped from the public's view until the early eighties.

The 1980’s ~
It was during this era of disco fever and obscure fashion that the vampire finally learned how it felt to desire another beyond description. Her name was Rose - she worked as a curator at a local art gallery.

To avoid frightening her, Valerian kept his true identity a secret. His plan was to seduce Rose, bring her over to the dark side and make her his eternal mate. Never in his wildest imaginations did he expect to fall in love with her gentle beauty and sweet nature, nor did he anticipate the two of them creating a child.

When Rose discovered that he was a vampire, she fled, shattered and terrified, unable to accept that the "man" she'd come to adore was in actual fact a cold-blooded, murdering monster.

As the weeks passed into months, Valerian's continued failure to track Rose down wracked him with an emotion he hadn't felt since he'd become a nightwalker thousands of years before - hurt. The unfamiliar pain of it was almost unbearable, causing him to take the easiest defence against it and turning his initial regret and guilt into bitter anger.

It was then that Valerian decided to give Rose the dark gift, regardless of her wishes. (After all, he'd have eternity to win her back once she'd been embraced and made into an immortal!) Having devised such a scheme, he doubled his efforts to find her and their unborn child.

Unfortunately, the fates seemed to be against him, for the vampire was suddenly attacked and captured by several members of his sire's death cult. The Order of Aurelius, convinced that the Brotherhood had something to do with the Master's disappearance, had placed a toll on his head, as well as on the heads of his three brothers, Dathan, Nicholas and Krispin.

By the time Valerian had killed the offending cult members and sufficiently recovered from the injuries they had inflicted, a week had passed and he was too late. Rose had died just three days before, after giving birth to a tiny baby girl she'd named Jadyn (meaning "God has heard"), only no one seemed to be able to tell him where the child was.

Insane with a grief he didn't expect to feel, Valerian had sworn to find his daughter - he saw her as the last remaining link he had to his beautiful Rose - and to raise her the way he felt was appropriate for a child of such esteemed parentage.

Season One – Season Three ~
Valerian tracked Jade down to her new home in Los Angeles and has for the past two years made every attempt to ‘persuade’ her to join him. However, it wasn’t until he joined forces with the remaining Brotherhood members in Season Three in a plan to gain the power of the Slayer bloodline, that he finally got his wish after agreeing to protect her lover Sorrow from The Society of Ulle.

Valerian much enjoyed having his daughter with him during that time. However, when Sorrow died, leaving her distraught he decided to return to Hong Kong and leave his daughter to cope with her grief alone.

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