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Race: Vampire

Sex: Female

Real Name: Elaine

Nickname: Eriantha

Birth Date and Location: 10th June, 1830 - Southern California

Position: Night Club Owner & Cult Leader

Group Affiliation: Cult of Faschion

Eriantha’s Picture Gallery

Sired at 15, Eriantha has kept her youthful appearance over the years. She had some Hispanic heritage and that shows through in a swarthier complexion than most vampires and her dark eyes and hair. She has a stunning appearance that has been known to be somewhat hypnotic to men.

(Eriantha is played by Catherine Zeta Jones)

Originally a brothel girl, Eriantha soon demonstrated a cunning and intelligence that came to the attention of Faschion. He trained her in the intricacies of maintaining a low-profile presence amidst the humans, and for years she ran the business ends of After Dark.

In the mid 1800’s (circa 1850) she left Fashion and travelled throughout the world. She formed a persona of a travelling Spanish Noble Woman (which she maintains) and among the vampire community her wealth, power, and beauty are well known. To protect her within the vampire community she has actively misled all but a few well-known friends about her true age.

Faschion was staked by the slayer in the late 60's and upon hearing of his demise Eriantha hurried home to After Dark to assume his role as the leader of the Cult of Faschion.

Eriantha’s club After-Dark was entirely destroyed by the Brotherhood, her followers also killed. She was spared merely as a result of her familiar relationship with Valerian. Ever since, Eriantha has gone into hiding.

Eriantha has the usual array of Vampire powers but her Sire's power was legendary. The potency of his blood has granted her powers to cloud the perceptions of Humans and the ability to hypnotise those who cannot resist her.

Eriantha maintains a sizeable fortune, which she uses to pay off the ever-increasing need for bribes, permits, and licences for After Dark. Despite all these problems the club does a brisk business.

Her cult consists of 'a couple of dozen' Vampires around LA and she is connected with a larger network of Faschion followers through the Internet.

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