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Waiting for one of Angel episodes to download on the kazaa (which takes ages!!!!! 1650 hours it is estimating at the moment and that excluding all the time lost by the kazaa not connecting!!!, ok, i'll stopping ranting now) and to waste my and time and to further prove my life is sad, i go to google and search for anything.

Today i happen to search for L A By Night, to see how many hits i'd get.....i got a few thousand hits....not to mention those of which, which were other RPG's based on the same title!!!

for example take these two websites:


this website is a RPG based on Buffy, Angel and the Charmed episode characters.


this one is based on a program called "White Wolf's World of Darkness" which i have no clue what it is......

weird ain't it?

More L. A. By Nights'?

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The "Worlds of Darkness" is a series of paper-and-pencil role playing games that all share the same cosmology and a similar (but not wuite identical) game system.

The games are:
Vampire: The Masquerade
Werewolf: The Apocolypse
Changeling: The Dreaming
Mage: The Ascension
Demon: The Fallen
Mummy: The Resurrection
Hunter: The Reckoning

and there may be more...I lost track of them all a while ago.

The actual Title "LA By Night" comes from a game supplement they published in 1995 (and there are a whole series of them including Jerusalem by Night, London By Night, Seattle by Night and so on) titled "Los Angeles by Night: Unlife and Death in the Anarch Free States".

But it was generally shortened to LA by night. Most of the supplements have been collected into the two-volume set called "Cities of Darkness"

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