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Yes I know season 2 isn't done and this is more than reviews its kind of a wrap party and celebration at the same time...These aren't in any order, they just are.

I really want to thank Robin and April for redefining the "love story" in horror with their characters. I get all teary every time I read their stuff.

I want to thank Sid for making us sit up and take notice of how a quirky little guy could really raise the bar for all of us.

I want to thank Heather both for being the best thing in my life and a great writing partner, but also for her tireless efforts to keep us moving forward. No "producer" could ask for a better "director".

I want to thank Alice, Hannah, Greg, Sherl and John. Never ever think that "supporting" roles are less important. You have made magic along side everyone else.

I want to thank Kris for the party and the villain and the raw emotions that Daye has managed to stir in everyone. Her story is one I desperately want to see the outcome of.

Thanks to the third "couple" of LABN: Adam and Louisa. She and Galen have been around more complications than a Cohen Brothers movie. Between the two of them they have managed to pull off a byzantine plotline (which is no easy task).

Saadia and Amada and Derek all deserve thanks for being daring and starting thier own arcs. The stories that they are starting now will have repercussions in seasons to come.

Ben...welcome back. Heather(mk2) and Logan sorry you couldn't stay. Arykah, Joshua email me and we'd like to get to know you.

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