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Race: Demon

Sex: Male

Real Name: Unknown

Nickname: Kain

Birth Date and Location: Unknown

Last Seen: 22nd February, 2005 – Los Angeles (Read About It)

Position: Arms Dealer, Demon Entertainer, Owner of The Beazor Complex

Group Affiliation: Beazor Demon

When in human form Kain appears as a middle-aged bald man, heavy set with dark black eyes. He is usually found wearing expensive Armani suits. When in demon form he can take on any shape he so wishes.

(Kain is played by Jesse Ventura)

Kain is one of Aetolus' Lieutenants who was banished to Earth in 1770. He had a number of dealings (the details of which are unknown), but when Kain came to Los Angeles in the early 1800's he immediately built himself a fair weapons trade with the Indians and Spaniards. By the mid 20th century he had diversified into a demon entertainment empire. He retains powerful contacts and sizeable reserves of cash and gold.

Kain sometimes hangs out at Narcosis as he enjoys using human drugs but suffers none of the side effects as humans do. However, most of the time weekends he is in his office at The Beazor Complex where he sets up matches for his clients' entertainment or is recruiting new fighters. He is often involved in setting up weapons transactions.

Kain has become increasingly comfortable here on Earth and is reluctant to surrender the power and influence he has here to Aetolus' mad scheme to return to their home dimension. He continues to obey Aetolus grudgingly but his dissatisfaction is also becoming more apparent.

At the end of season one Kain followed the rest of Aetolus’ army of Beazor demons through the Nether Arch – passing into another dimension unknown.

Kain is a Beazor demon and has no fixed physical form. When not assuming a specific form, Beazor demons appear as a smoky haze. They can assume any form animate or inanimate that approximates human size. They can alter their physical properties to be as hard as stone or soft and pliant like flesh or even insubstantial as smoke.

Beazor demons have impressive physical strength and are capable of lifting extremely heavy objects with little effort. Older, more powerful of their species can have mental powers as well. Beazor demons are practically invulnerable to physical threats but can be affected by magic. There is no known way to destroy a Beazor demon.

Kain has a lot of influence with the sub-terrestrial element in Los Angeles. He has a personal army of thugs, Vampires, Demons and other low life’s that are willing to fight for the substantial rewards Kain has to offer.

Only the small black cane he has always carried and gained his nickname from.

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