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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Lucien Aeterus (Meaning 'Eternal Light')

Nickname: Luc

Birth Date and Location: 21st June, 1970 - England

Died: February 22nd, 2005 – Los Angeles (Read About It)

Position: Priest of the Outer Circle of Sindell

Group Affiliation: The Coven of Sindell

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Lucien is 5'11" tall, with brown shoulder length, wavy hair and blue eyes. He is physically well built and defined. Luc wears mostly black - the colours that allow him to blend into shadows - whatever he wears it is always monochromatic.

(Lucien is played by Jason Carter)


The Early Years ~
Luc was born to two witches and members of The Coven of Sindell. He has lived there ever since and the coven has become his life in every respect but one. He was specially trained as part of Sindell’s Warrior Circle and has travelled the world extensively thanks to his ‘special assignment’ of search and recovery of rogue witches.

rightThe greatest passion of Luc’s life outside his work in Sindell is his love for Catherine Wiccham a powerful witch of the Inner Circle of practitioners. Luc met Kate when she was only 16 and quickly fell in love with her despite her young years and their obvious age difference.

However, the burgeoning love between these two was viewed as unfavourable to the council and to one man in particular - Council Elder Serapis Aquilus. As a result Luc was later reassigned to a remote tribe of witches in Mongolia and, unbeknownst to the two lovers was kept out of all contact with his young love Catherine.

Upon his return to England almost five years later, Luc found his sweetheart trapped in a loveless marriage to a brute of a man called Logan Ultonis. Despite all his reservations about leading her into adultery, Luc couldn’t deny his continued affection for Kate and when her petition for a separation from her husband was refused by the Council of Elders the two young lovers proceeded to embark on an illicit affair for the next nine months.

When Logan finally discovered his wife’s deception with Luc he became enraged vowing his revenge. Soon afterwards he was found dead, hanging from the rafters of his apartments, a suicide note lying on the floor at his feet. However, it soon became apparent that before his death he had placed a curse on his estranged wife and her lover, a curse that meant the two could not be close without disturbing the surrounding energies, resulting in violent destruction.

Discouraged by this series of events, Kate and Luc continued to keep their reunion a secret from the Council of Elders. Although they had to meet in secret and despite Logan’s curse the two young lovers were happy for the first time in years and looked forward to a promising future together. However all that changed one night when Kate was framed and arrested for the murder of Janus Hallow.

But convinced of her innocence, Luc plotted and aided her escape. He came to Los Angeles under the guise of the ‘hunt’ led by Serapis to find Kate and help her clear her name with the Coven back home.

Season One ~
Arriving in Los Angeles, Lucien was briefly reconciled with Kate and spent a few somewhat angst filled days re-living the hell that they had been put though in the last two years. He proposed to her only minutes before she was kidnapped by Serapis as part of his plan to raise Janus back from the dead. Lucien blamed himself for her capture and managed to rally together a small group of friends who embarked on a daring rescue mission to save Kate from Serapis’ evil clutches.

While Luc managed to save Kate it was at the expense of his own life. During the heated and bloody battle that ensued Luc was brutally murdered by Serapis. However, before his soul passed on to the other side the demon Victor held onto it, allowing Luc to pass on a dying message of love and hope to his eternal love Catherine.

Season Four ~
In Season Four, Luc made a brief return when he was sent by the Powers That Be to help direct Kate in her destiny after the loss of her daughter Emma.

Luc is a master of the art of Cell Speed Manipulation and this is his primary power. He manipulates regular time streams in able to move at faster speeds than normal mortals - to them he appears to have an amazingly fast reflex. Luc's other powers are a Level 5 psychic ability which allows him to pick up on powerful emotions and thoughts.

Luc uses various weapons to aid in the vanquishing of various demons, but mostly just a ritualistic athame and a stake.

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