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Race: Human

Sex: Female

Real Name: Inanna Fairchild

Nick Name: Anna, Annie

Birth Date & Location: 11th April, 1988 - Warwick, England

Position: Trainee Witch

Group Affiliation: The Coven of Sindell

Inanna's Picture Gallery

Inanna is 5'4" tall; she is of a skinny build with pale blue eyes and a rather wan complexion. As a young teenager Inanna had rather long mousy brown hair but recently she has had it cut into a bob and bleached blonde.

(Inanna is played by Claire Danes)


The Early Years ~
Inanna was orphaned as a child and since the age of 13 she has lived within The Coven of Sindell ever since her Uncle Tiberian petitioned for her early initiation at the age of 11.

Because of her young age Catherine Wiccham - who was then a new initiate into the Inner Circle was assigned as Inanna's mentor. She was responsible not only for her training in the Craft but also her pastoral care and as a result they developed a very close friendship over the years.

Season One ~
Inanna came to Los Angeles with Council Elder Serapis Aquillis as part of the ‘hunt’ to track down Kate. However Inanna was unaware of Serapis’ true motives for wanting to find her old mentor. Only days after arriving in L.A Inanna was held hostage and then used as a bargaining chip – her life in exchange for Kate’s.

Inanna was part of the small band of friends that helped rescue Kate, however she was the victim of a brutal attack by Sorrow – who fed on her during the battle once his vampiric nature was released by one of the coven members serving Serapis.

Midseason One ~
Inanna was disgusted at Kate's growing infatuation with the FBI Agent Galen Eldridge so soon after the death of Lucien - whom she looked up to almost like a father figure. Feeling betrayed, afraid and alone Inanna decided to return home to England and the coven.

Season Four ~
In the summer of 2007, Inanna was reunited with Kate when she returned to find a cure for the Hyde virus. Resolving their earlier dispute, the two women re-established their friendship and Inanna returned to Los Angeles with Kate to help in the fight against the Watchers Council’s First Elder Delancre and his army.

Inanna is still a witch in training and so as yet does not have any particularly strong magical abilities. However, Inanna sometimes has visions of the future of which she as yet has no control over.

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