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Race: Human

Sex: Female

Real Name: Eleanor Wyatt

Nickname: Ellie

Birth Date and Location: 1st December, 1988 - Welland, Canada

Died: 31st October, 2006 – Los Angeles (Read About It)

Group Affiliation: Watchers Council

Position: Slayer-In-Waiting

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Ellie is 5’9 and of a slim build. She has long brown hair, blue eyes and pale complexion. Ellie always wears a lot of silver or black jewellery and dresses in baggy trousers and darker coloured tops.

Ellie likes to do what she wants and won’t be told what to do, once people realise this she can be fun and easy going.

(Ellie is played by Avril Lavigne)

Ellie’s parents died in a car crash when she was four. After her parents died she stayed in Canada but moved from her hometown to a smaller town nearby, Port Colborne where her foster parents lived.

She went through 3 different families (two living in Canada and one in America) before finally being taken into the Council’s care at fourteen as a Slayer-In-Waiting. She was fostered by her watcher, an older English man. She hasn’t done too well in high school and has changed schools several times although she makes friends easily.

Ellie didn’t get on very well with her previous watcher because of her loud personality and attitude due to her upbringing.

In 2005 her watcher died and Ellie was to be put into the care of her new watcher, Jessica Travers who she has come to LA to find and continue with her training. Ellie hopes this will be her last move as she is totally fed up of moving between different countries and families.

In Season Three Ellie was 'called' officially becoming the new Slayer. However her glory was short-lived when The Brotherhood - a notorious brood of ancient, elder vampires kidnapped her as part of their plan to tap into the Slayer bloodline and gain the Slayer's powers for themselves. Ellie was 'turned' and became a vampire herself and was killed during the attack at the Hyperion Hotel at the end of Season Three.

Eleanor skateboards and usually takes her board with her wherever she goes. She has taught herself to play the electric guitar after receiving one as a present for her thirteenth birthday and is pretty good, she also sings well.

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