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Race: Immortal Coldling

Sex: Male

Real Name: Mikhail Trankski

Nickname: Mikhail

Birth Date and Location: Circa 1769 - Moscow, Russia. Converted 1799

Group Affiliation: The Order of the Cold

Position: Count

Mikhail has the appearance of an attractive 30-year-old male although in fact he is much older. He is tall and pale with dark hair. He is large but not overweight and has a faintly muscular build. He usually wears a long overcoat with upturned collar. Mikhail has a face that can look chilling and stern to some but calm and friendly to others. He has adapted unusually well to the new times, unlike many other Coldling’s and many people would not even pick him up as being from foreign parts. His attitude is that of a woman charmer, although he can be cruel and violent when wants be.

(Mikhail is played by Steward Townsend)

Mikhail was born into the wealthy Trankski family in Moscow. He had the benefit of a good education and a rich upbringing. He had a great appreciation of art and loved to paint. This started of his early job of portrait painting. Through this career he met many young women and became quite a womaniser.

On his last professional call when he was 30 years old, He met Lashiyra. She was extremely beautiful and a joy to paint. When the job was over, Lashiyra told him that she could see something in him she hadn't seen in a long time. And for that she thought he would fit into the world she lived in quite well. So she converted him to being a Coldling. He did not need much showing around. He took his immortality as a blessing. And travelled the world, although what he did during this time is unknown.

In 1839, at a dinner party, he met the twenty-year-old Mantheana Alashkov. She was young, beautiful and shy. He quickly outranked all the other men that were considering asking for a dance, or to site next to her at the meal and did both. Although she had lots of suitors, Mantheana was not very experienced with men. Any girl who was in that day and age would find it hard to marry. She was putty in his hands. To his surprise they shared common interests. And his tales about the world fascinated her, as she had rarely even stepped outside the city walls. Although she was shy, she was witty and intelligent, and Mikhail decided to take her to his world. So he did. She came quite willingly, and they had a great time together.

After a period of time, Mikhail up and left Mantheana out of the blue. It is unknown why he did this. And why he did it again and again to her over many years. No one knows what he did in this time. The last time he left her, he left her with a child, Maria. Unknown to him, she was pregnant. Mikhail has not been seen since this and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Mikhail does not carry round anything of significance apart from his long coats.

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