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Factions Profile - The Order of Valor

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Yep... finally did a write-up on this. By my count, this makes 4 more signs left for the Book of Revelation. :)

The Order of Valor

Originally founded in 994 AD, the Order of Valor was first dedicated to defending the Demons from threats to their existance. However, the small group soon became convinced that the only way to do this was to make demons stronger. By the start of the First Crusade, they had concluded that there was a connection between conflict and strength.

In 1025, the Order of Valor officially dedicated itself to sowing conflict between various demonic factions. A council was created that holds a total of 5 members, included the commander of the organization. Seeing that the order was in no position to acomplish it's goals, it worked until 1365 on a slow but steady recruitment drive. It was in 1365 that three powerful demons were added to their group. The death of most of the council resulted in their gaining a seat, along with the first vampire to become a member.

By 1417, the Order had unofficially adopted a code of honor. The next 200 years saw the organization of the Order increase dramatically, along with the loyalty of individual members to the Order. When Alaric became a member in 1602, the code had been so ingrained in the Order's traditions that it became unique among demon and vampire groups in that it ceased to face violent internal power struggles.

It was in the 1760s that the Order began to expand its power greatly. Alaric became Chief of the Council in 1763. The next 100 years of his leadership saw the Order work to primarily increase its financial holdings, as well as intelligence gathering capabilities. By 1863, it seemed that the Order had become less devoted to violent conflict.

The Order was still relatively unknown at this time, a stroke of good fortune for it that it soon moved to ensure remained that way. However, in 1863 Alaric shattered the illusion that the Order had become less conflict-oriented when he engineered a battle between two powerful demon organizations.

Through the early 1900s, Alaric turned his attention to increasing the influence of the Order. Various council members were sent to contact certain groups, and used information gained from the intelligence network to gain power over other organizations. In 1985, Alaric was able to embark on more aggressive campaigns of spreading conflict than ever before in the Order's history.

However, the Order's influence on other organizations primarily takes the form of controlling information. They have also come in contact with much more secrative groups. It's influence also comes from the recent acquisition of an order of assasins.


The Order of Valor's leadership is known to members only as The Five. While the leader of The Five was once a 'First among equals,' the honorary leader soon became a leader in fact. When the Five became ruled by a single individual, the other four members became more like 'governers.' Eventually, of one of them took on the role of Spymaster while another took on the role of Financier.

Outside of the Five, full membership in the Order is not large. Most who are employed by the Order are employed indirectly, either through influenced organizations or subsidiary organizations. These subsidiary organizations are more well know, though the Order of Valor is not.

Each member of the Five handpicks their own successor, either from a recruit gained specifically for that purpose, or from a current full member in their employment. The one exception to this general trend is the Chief of the Order, who has traditionally always been from a new recruit and had the Five as his or her staff.

Loyalty is stressed to the organization, and the heirarchial structure sees duties that extend both ways. The result is that an extended period of time in its power structure engenders feelings of loyalty both ways for all members.

Another reason for the extreme amount of loyalty to the organization is the method of recruitment. One of the usual methods of recruitment is to 'offer purpose to a life without purpose.' Another usual method is for a full member to gradually work another member in to the Order, becoming their patron.

Factions Profile - The Order of Valor

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This should be added to the Groups and Factions area of the site shortly.

The order of Valor

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to know a little more about the order of valor, me being new and all, have NO clue about this group except that this is for demons.

My questions about it are:

1) If you are under a patronage of someone then what is your task? Training, or hunting or what?

2) What does the Order of Valor do, what is it's like mission statement?

3) What do the people employed by the Order of Valor responsible for and what might be the positions they are employed in?

4) Why was the Order of Valor set up?

These are are the questions at the moment but if any of you wanna give me any more information I'd be very happy.

Thank you.


Factions Profile - The Order of Valor

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Should steer you to the faction page - there's a semi-longish profile on the history, including Alaric's leadership. Anyway, dealing with the questions.

1) Think of patronage like an apprenticeship, but one in a more feudal society - obligations are supposed to run *both* ways in a heirarchial system, after all. Your patron (for the time) is supposed to guide and help you find a place in the order, including it's odd code of honor which I never got around to developing. :)

2) Applied Darwinism is the buzzword version. Basically, making primarily demons and vampires *as a whole* stronger through conflict. The modus operandi is quite simple: find factions ready to fight; ignite conflict between factions; stand back and watch blood bath. It would not be out of line for them to support more than one side in any given conflict, just to ensure a greater amount of bloodshed.

3) Hmm, that's a toughie. Most of its power lies in manipulating information - so, gathering information or putting it to use, either through contacts among demonic groups or launching attacks, usually framing some other group in the process. They also have a financial network set up, run by one of the loan shark demons.

4) In 994? The original goal was defending demons. They adopted the Darwinian approach in 1025.

Hope some of this helps. Unfortunately, have to run and get ready for work now. :(

Factions Profile - The Order of Valor

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Thankx Galen,

It was most helpful! :lol:

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