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Factions Profile - The Order of the Cold

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The Order of the Cold

Becoming a Coldling is simple. You must find the Ritual of the Cold Lordess. Reciting this announces that you would gladly trade your warm-bloodedness and the ability to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin for everlasting life. Once this transaction takes place, Your warmth goes to the Cold Lordess and Immortality is yours. On becoming a Coldling, you automaticly become a member of the Order of the Cold.

Coldlings lose nothing like souls or life in this exchange. They keep breathing and still have beating hearts. They remain as sane or pleasant as they were when totally human. Although there is a myth that some will drink blood, this is never over a couple of sips to prove a point. Unlike vampires this is hardly ever for pleasure (except in the case of disturbed individuals).

Behavior and Feelings
Still human at heart, Coldlings are still capable of love and other emotions. They are still corruptible and will do bad things just like any other person. Unlike normal people however, they have enhanced senses and speed. Strength can be increased but only by mortal methods. Coldlings tend to keep to themselves, most finding it hard to keep up with society after they have outlived their natural life span.

Offspring are still possibility. Since Coldlings bodies are still alive, there is nothing biological stopping it. Children, whether with two cold parents or only one, are born living and normal. Nothing has ever been found to be clinically different with them to a normal human.

The ‘Cold’ are immortal, but not invulnerable. Weaknesses include original sources of heat such as the sun and fire; too much of these can kill. The only other way to kill them is to weaken them and then to do the ritual to ask the Cold Lordess to forsake the individual in question.

If she ever changes enough individuals, The Cold Lordess may one-day return to power and reward those who helped her.

Factions Profile - The Order of the Cold

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