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Name: Fahim Khoury

Gender: Male

Designation: Metahuman

Position: Freelance journalist

Age: 52

Fahim Khoury is a swarthy man who shows signs that he was once trim and muscular but age has thickened him somewhat. His dark hair now has grey streaks through it.

Fahim Khoury is played by Omar Sharif


Fahim Khoury was born in 1951 in Saudi Arabia. His parents emigrated to the United States in 1960, when Fahim was nine years old. Always a perceptive child, he seemed suited to an occupation involving people, and his parents hoped to push him into psychological studies. However, despite Fahim’s intuitive nature with regard to the human psyche, it was never really a course of study he felt passionate about.

Logic, clear thinking, constructing valid arguments – they were what intrigued him. As he reached his late teens he could no longer deny that he picked up far more from human interaction than most people did, and he couldn’t help but notice the fear with which most people greeted the hint of meta ability in their peers. His goal therefore became to create a voice of reason among the clamour of prejudice and irrational fear.

So when he went to University in 1970 he disappointed his parents and took a journalism course. To round out his education he also took a couple of science classes, following his personal interests. One such class was in genetics, a topic of some debate in the press during that era. Verity Jennings was the TA of that class, and she noticed he had meta ability. She initiated no contact at that time, however. In 1985, when Fahim Khoury had become a noted column writer whose science essays opened up scientific debates to the ordinary person, she mentioned him to Fournier and Douglass and they agreed to sound out Khoury’s private views on metas.

Fahim eagerly agreed to join the three in their cause and has used his capacity to reach wide audiences to good effect. Publicly, Fahim favours neither side of the debate. He puts forth both pro- and anti-meta arguments clearly and concisely, allowing his readers to decide. His column is syndicated worldwide and he has written half a dozen books, mostly collected essays on various topics. His meta ability makes it possible for him to delve to the heart of any issue, when he’s interviewing subjects for material.

Khoury is at the Washington conference, to cover the issue from both sides as usual. He’s been using his writings to subtly influence his readers to a broader view of the meta ‘problem’, opening up the idea that there are multiple solutions to the treatment of metas in current times.


Empathy: Khoury is an empath – he can sense emotions and motivations. He is unable to stop the inflow of additional information to his brain, but he has developed good techniques for filtering. In his work he uses it to determine where the soft spots are, working on the area of questioning that produces the most potent emotional response in an interviewee.

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