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Heather's picture

Since we lost the old Face-To-Face thread somewhere, I figured it might as well be resurrected here. :) Such a pity all those pics are gone from before I put all that weight back on. :cry:

Having a good time in New Orleans during the St Patrick's Day parade.

Declaring my undying love to Dave.

Dave and Heather after the parade.

Face-To-Face Mk II

James_Connor's picture

how did you get all those beads ey ? 8) 8) 8) the oldies acting like teenagers again :wink:

Face-To-Face Mk II

Hola-Meg-a-Cola's picture

Alrighty, now that I have a camera phone, taking pictures is muy facil.

Here' one I took in my room. Hmm, I'm surprised it came out that well. And yes, I have a picture of a unicorn on my wall.

Here's one taken about a month ago at the mall. My friend Mary bought fuzzy cuffs (Oh baby) and I was about 20 lbs heavier. Enjoy.

And here's one I took in my room again, only I'm wearing my trench coat (you can't tell) and I have a stuffed animal with me. Have fun.

Face-To-Face Mk II

MrDave's picture

For those of you anxiuosly awaiting the Mini-CP pixx from Las Vegas don't worry, they'll be a few days yet but they will go online.

For those of you dreading them going online BWAAHAHAHAHAAAA! Shoulda brought yer own camera then!

Face-To-Face Mk II

Sid's picture

All I can say is, you're welcome. I squirmed myself into stillness for a couple of pictures. I don't take pictures, and it SHOWS. :) Hopefully, there were a couple of candid shots to show who I really am: a guy who never sleeps.

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