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charname: Wisteria
race: Half-Goddess
gender: Female
kharma: Sign of the Apocolypse
descript: Blonde hair, green eyes about Aphrodite' heigth and weigth. Looks very beautiful, but is cunning, caustic and often cruel. She was a born warrior though she was the daughter of the love goddess.Aphrodite and Wisteria do not have a good realtionship, but Aphrodite wants to reach her.
history: Wisteria is born from the goddess Aphrodite and a mortal King, Altheius. Wisteria was raised by her half mortal family. Her stepmother, Lucia hated her because she was Aphrodite's child. Altheius loved her for that reason and decided to give her the best of everything.

When Wisteria found out who she was, she drew away and decided to make her own name. She took her cousin along with her, but her cousin was brutally murdered by some highway men. Wisteria was wounded, but Aphrodite saved her. After that, Wisteria lost her spark of humanity and had nothing but rage. She went on a killing spree and soon became known as a killer of men. She was seduced by a Roman noble, and beared his child. She tried to disapear with her child, but was kidnapped by Rome and forced to become a gladiator for punishment. She is still one today
items: nice armor, bow and arrows, sword.
powers: Godly strength and good knowledge of tae kwon do. She is called among the heavens to be 'Child of Bright Love' but has not found it in herself yet.
played_by: Kirsten Dunst
player: I'm 19 years old and am an active Buffy the Vampire Slayer Yahoo chat rper. I've rped in lots of Xena rps too over the years and can play anyone from both Xena and Hercules and Buffy and Angel. I love to rp and check my email fairly often.
age: over13

Character Proposal - Wisteria

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Ok, I'm starting to get paranoid here.

Is it just that I make characters with predictable traits, or do people read my character backgrounds and think 'gee, that's cool - I'll do that too'?

Kassidia left home and roams the countryside helping people.
Wisteria is known as a killer of men and bore a child who was taken from her.

Between them they pretty much cover Melaina's basic background... :roll:

Ok, each of them have differences as well - and neither one is enough like Melaina to be a worry game-wise... but it's making me paranoid.

Ok, rant over... calming down... *ommm, ommm, ommm...*

Right, let's look at Wisteria...

Uh, isn't there something in the 'making a character' section which forbids gods as characters?

But, that aside, there's lots of good, angsty (there's that word again) stuff in there. :) And a gladiator! Funky! I say welcome her aboard... but do we need to tone down the god stuff, maybe?

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