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Just some questions around this char idea before I put any more effort into him.

I've been boiling up a mythic chinese character. I know there's a viking in here somewhere, just not sure if it's cool for a decidedly not Western char to show up. He's full on wuxia, but I figure the Herc/Xenaverse can handle that much.

This is the character so far, again, let me know what's not cool:

A martial monk from mythic-age China, Sunken Buddha Kai-Ying is in self-exile. He is the last master of the powerful technique known as Withering Resolve Atemi. This pressure-point technique destroys the desire to fight from those to subjected to it. While they will still defend themselves, they will not attack. The noble family considers this technique of peace to be a threat to their authority and have dispatched assassins and the military to route out and kill all those who know it and would pass it on. It is because of this hunt Kai-Ying has placed himself in exile, journeying West for protection and enlightenment.

He is a master of "soft-style" kung-fu, pressure-point use, and Light-Foot Kung-Fu (think Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; etcetera). His only posessions would be a flask, rice/begging bowl, robes, green bamboo fishing pole, silk fishing line, and a small knife.

I'm seeing Beat Takeshi in the role.

Potential Character questions

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I have no problem with it. The Mythic game has been in hibernation for ...well more than a year.

Remember having a character won't make you write :D

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