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Race: Human/ Wolf Spirit

Gender: Female

Birth Location: Gaul


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Kaisha is 18 and stands at around 5’9. She has very long brown hair that flows down her back, blue eyes and her complexion is quite pale. Although she is quiet natured and tries to be as noble as possible in her ways, he was born into a clan of warriors.

When standing, Kaisha has a good posture, generally looking quite graceful and serene and has that kind of atmosphere that follows her around.

She dresses in long, flowing outfits of darker colours preferring dark blue or dark green shades.

(Kaisha is played by Liv Tyler)


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Generations ago a woman was cursed by Artemis, goddess of the hunt. She moved away and started a new life only to discover her curse a year later. She had the ability to morph into a wolf. As a wolf, she was unable to control her actions and at what time she changed. She gave birth to a perfectly normal daughter and her daughter the same, but it became apparent that the wolf’s spirit skipped every few generations and only appeared in the women of the family once they reached 11 years of age. Kaisha was born with this ability but over time has learnt to control her actions and when she morphs.

Kaisha had as quiet a childhood she could with her curse, learning the skills of archery, fencing and horse riding from her farther.
At the age of 14 she killed her father whilst in her wolf form. Kai left her home in fear of hurting anyone else, traveling a lot, trying to learn to control the wolf. Kaisha is the last left of her ancestors with this ability which has not turned out to be so much of a ‘curse’ anymore as she often finds it useful.


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Feidhlim; a sword with beautiful carvings engraved in the blade, her bow and arrows and a few other things she carries around to survive from. Kaisha owns Xaloc, an Andalucìan dappled grey stallion.


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Kai has the ability to transform into the visage of a wolf when she chooses and can control her human emotions whilst in this form. She is a very skilled rider and has great control of a bow and arrow, also she is fairly good with a sword. On occasion when angered greatly Kaisha will morph into the wolf uncontrollably although this is very rare.

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