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Race: Human

Sex: female

Name: Shea Dreen

Nicknames: The Black Orchid. Although a greeting she gets a lot is 'uh-oh'

Age: 15

Position: High-ranking assassin.

Group affiliation: Assassin's Guild.


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Shea has a petite build, she is slim and well crafted. She is spry and instead of layers of fat on her limbs she has lithe muscles. Shea has pale skin, bright green eyes and jet-black hair, which is long and kept in a bun or some other style that keeps it out of her face.

She wears tight black leather, finding that it’s the most practical thing she can wear in her line of work but huge big black baggy leather boots that come up to her lower theights. in contrast. Loaded with all sorts of suprises, her clothing never appears bulky.

She has several body piercings, although they're not purely decorative. She has a tattoo of a black flower on her lower, inner hip, which gives her her Assassin's Name. She does not wear the clothes she does for sexiness (even though this is usually achieved), rather for practicality, and her mind works in about the same way, as she has never has a huge interest in settleing down with a nice hubby, although she will pour on the 'feminizing' and flirtatious moves should she need it to get in somewhere or someone.

Good descriptive words for her would be neat, straight and precise. She is very athletic, flexible and gymnastic. Shea can climb almost everything and stay balanced on almost anything.
Her facial expression when hard at work is that of great concentration. When the mission is not that important she will relax a little. When not on the job at all, she is jokey and quite light-hearted.

Her weaknesses include: socialising, taking people seriously and her boots.

(Shea is Played by Zhang Ziyi)


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Her exact history is not that well know. At the age of six, after showing great potential, she enrolled in the Assassin's Guild. Rumours circulated about her eastern origin. What sort of parents sent their six year old daughter off to become an assassin? Shea did not make many friends, as she had a tendency to scare people. Nice person as she was, not many people like hanging around with an eight year old who knew what price there was on your head, and knew the best way to remove it.

Shea was a natural and caught on quickly. She learnt and obeys the Assassin rule of 'no death with out pay'. After her vast training and natural skill, she views killing as an art and that lives are not something to be just thrown away, but ended, generally, with respect and as little suffering as possible.

She learned how to used every weapon, poison or method of killing known to man. Although good at it, she is not much of a fighter, if she has had no orders to kill or can see herself being out numbered, she will usually retreat, if only to come back later. Shea has never left a job unfinished. She learned all expertise in the art of escaping and can now wiggle her way out of more or less any situation and her skill in disguise comes in handy a lot.

It is known to most of the people who hire assassins often that she is one of the most effective assassins around. A lot of people know her name and of her reputation, but not many know her face. After years of practise she can get into places unseen and do whatever business necessary and get out even before the body is found. Her calling card is a black orchid flower in the mouth of the target, wax sealing their lips with a kiss imprint. If some one is found dead with this mark, they have 'received the orchid's kiss'.

She is not what you would call a cold-blooded killer, as she does not kill for pleasure. Shea is not a bad person in herself, but you never quite know whether you can trust her. Through out all of this, her weaknesses include socialising, taking people seriously and her precious boots.


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Shea owns a vast quantity of artillery, poisons, weapons and disguises. She carries a lot of them with her, although this is un-obvious to most people. She has a black monkey called Lin Zhou, and as mentioned many times before, her boots. In the way of accomodation, Shea owns several large hidden tree houses, dotted about everywhere. Shea is usually on the move, so one fixed residence would be impractical.


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Shea does not have poewrs as such, as she is completely human and magic by people who were not ranked to do so was seen as illeagal in her home country. For lack of power she makes up for with skills, which she uses all the time. Good at learning, she is quick to pick up languages,and is fluent in latin. Also expertise in the arts of assassination, escapology and disguise.

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