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Hera – Queen of the Gods

Race: Goddess

Sex: Female

Name: Hera

Parents: Titans – Cronus & Rhea

Brothers/Sisters: Zeus, Hades, Posedion, Hestia and Demeter

Children: Ares, Hephaestus, Hebe & Ilithyiah

(Hera is played by Meg Foster)

Hera is the Queen of all Gods and wife to Zeus. She is a notoriously jealous and vindictive wife and often persecutes Zeus’s mistresses and children especially the half-god Hercules. Hera often appears to mortals in reflective surfaces such as mirrors and pools of water, and has been known to possess the bodies of mortals in order to achieve her goals. Hera sometimes leaves behind a feather of the peacock as her sort of calling card.

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