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Discord – Goddess of Mayhem

Race: Goddess

Sex: Female

Name: Discord

Parents: Zeus & Hera

Brothers/Sisters: Hephaestus, Hebe, Arge, Ares

Children: Strife

(Discord is played by Meighan Desmond)

Discord is Ares's twin sister and sometime lover - although she also has a liking for warlords and beefy men too! Discord and her son Strife once framed Ares for attempting to kill Hercules. However they were caught and were given a choice, go to Tartarus or serve Ares - needless to say Discord chose the latter.

She is bad tempered and very spoilt (she likes to get her own way and is especially possessive when it comes to Ares). She is petty and jealous of the other female gods especially Aphrodite who is her sworn enemy. Whenever they get together chaos always ensues – normally at the expense of nearby mortals. Discord uses her powers for her own amusement and in the service of Ares. She is a big fan of pain and enjoys inflicting it on others. Despite putting on a tough appearance Discord is quite insecure, especially in her appearance (and she gets constant jokes made at her expense) she desires the fear and respect that people give Ares, although she rarely gets it.

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