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Aphrodite - Goddess of Love

Race: Goddess

Sex: Female

Name: Aphrodite

Parents: Hera & Zeus

Brothers/Sisters: Ares, Hades...

Children: Cupid

(Aphrodite is played by Alexandria Tydings)

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, and sister to Ares. She is really quite ditsy and superficial and is obsessed with her appearance (fitting well into the stereotypical 'blonde' cliché). However she is very much a 'modern woman' she knows what she wants and she won't let any man tell her what to do. Aphrodite has a very fractious relationship with Zeus and her brother Ares - things are always tense, not to mention dangerous when they get together.

Aphrodite is quite playful with her powers and doesn't care if she hurts people in the process. She could be very cruel with her powers and gets very jealous. She believes in cruel love, jealous love and spiteful love. When her temple was nearly torn down once she was prepared to brake up a relationship, that Cupid made, in order to save her popularity. Although she seems indifferent to mortals, she has mellowed somewhat and appears to care for them more than she is prepared to admit.

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