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Ares - God of War

Race: God

Sex: Male

Name: Ares

Parents: Hera & Zeus

Brothers/Sisters: Hades, Posiden, Aphrodite, Hercules, Discord...

Children: Nemesis

(Ares is played by Kevin Smith)

Ares is the infamous God of War. son of Zeus and Hera, half-brother to Hercules and brother to Aphrodite and Athena. Ares has a fondness for battle and women. He is often shown as highly cunning and manipulative - willing to do almost anything in order to get what he wants. Ares dislikes anyone who opposes him and hates to loose a battle or have one of his plans thwarted. Ares has many powers, though throwing fire balls is a favourite of his, he is also an expert swordsman. But while Ares always normally appears to be hard, cruel and vicious every now and again another side of him emerges. Sometimes it's a comical side, some times it's a caring side, and sometimes it's a cowardly side. Each of these qualities and flaws makes Ares the most interesting of the Gods and the most loveable.

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