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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Birth Location: Unnamed coastal village in Sweden

General Regard: Stranger


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Wulfgar is 6’4”, 255lbs. His blonde hair is shoulder length. He has light green eyes. Wulfgar is of strong build and appears very intimidating. However if one takes the time to get to know him, he is very kind and protective of his friends. He has a long scar that crosses his chest where he was injured in a raid of his village.
Played by Vladimir Kulich


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Unlike most stories of heroes, Wulfgar’s tell starts with his death. He was killed in battle defending his village from attacking raiders. His “soul” was taken to Valhalla, but not to rest with his friends and family. He was quickly taken to Frigga (one of Odin’s wives) and Goddess of birth, love, and fertility. She explained to Wulfgar that the gods requires his assistance and that she sent Loki to kill him in battle to get him to Valhalla. Frigga told Wulfgar, all he needed to know was that he and his friends would be the key to stopping Ragnarok when it comes and that she was sending him to a far off land he had never seen. Frigga then touched Wulfgar’s chest, and an ornate sliver and bronze breastplate appeared on him and a bastard sword in his hand. The swords blade was covered knotwork and its handle covered with fur. ”These will protect and defend you”. Frigga then touched Wulfgar on the head and hundreds of images filled his head. Some were people, some places, and some were even words. Wulfgar fell to the ground overtaken by the confusing array of images. Frigga then instructed the Valkyrie Weilew to take Wulfgar to the start of his journey.

Wulfgar awoke in a green field to the gentle nudging of what he believed was the largest horse he had ever seen. The beast was easily 18hands (6’) to its withers. The horse wore a saddle and a bridle. It was as out of place here as Wulfgar was. Wulfgar examined the saddle. He found that it was the same saddle he used on his own horse at home, but was larger now and fitted this great horse. Wulfgar mounted the saddle and looked around. “I hope you know where town is because I am lost”. With that the horse took off in a full gallop which nearly thrown Wulfgar. It seemed the horse did know the way to the nearest town and could even understand Wulfgar. “ It seem you are my guide here so that will be your name. Vägledare (guide).”

Wulfgar and Vägledare journeyed to Thebes (the nearest city). There he found he was indeed out of place. However he was able to understand the language even though it was the first time he had heard it. ”Truly a gift from the gods”

And this is where Wulfgar’s adventures begin. He is now seeking out the people and places in his dreams and trying to stop Ragnarok. Before it kills the world he knows.

Skills & Abilities:

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Wulfgar is an excellent blacksmith and an able bodied warrior. His fighting style utilizes his strength with his sword. For a man of his size Wulfgar is amazingly agile. He has surprised more men with his agility then his strength in the heat of combat.
Wulfgar can now speak, read, and write both Latin and Greek along with speaking Swedish.
Wulfgar is also an expert horseman and can easily fight from the saddle.


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Wulfgar wears fur covered boots and bracers. He wears along with a wolf fur cloak and breastplate. He has common pants and shirts under all this and still appears to be quite comfortable.
Wulfgar uses an ornate bastard sword inscribed with Viking runes and Knotwork patters. Its handle is fur covered.
Wulfgar’s sword and armor are both exceptional quality and seems to never dent or dull.
Wulfgar also rides a Clydesdale Horse by the name Vägledare who seems to be able to understand him.

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