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Race: Human

Gender: Male

Real Name: Regium

Birth Location: Rome

Cultural: Roman

General Regard: Well Regarded


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Arbitus is a tall armored warrior. He carries a shield and a broadsword. He has a square jaw and he has huge bulgy muscles which he likes to flex for the ladies.

He stands "over 6 feet" tall but exatly how much over is hard to tell becasue of his helmet. He is heavy at 240 lbs, but it is all muscle.

He is always clean shaven and wears his hair in a short-cropped style.


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Arbitus was the Centurion on a Roman galley who barely escaped from the sinking of his ship. He swam ashore (in armor no less) and was introduced to the local customs.

Being Roman, he saw a need for law and order. So he challenged the local warlord to battle and using his superior knowledge of tactics helped the beleagured villagers to defeat the warband.

He then established a representative government and went out to right other wrongs in the name of Rome. Sadly his solutions, while welcome, are rarely permanant and generally the towns he has rescued find themselves overrun by warlords or monsters within a year.

Arbitus is a bit of a pretty-boy who fusses with his hair and is somewhat worried about disfiguring injury ("Not in the face!"). His vanity, however, does not stand in his way of doing the right thing. He will defend anyone's honor, risking his life in the process.

The problem is, Arbitus is gay. He has absolutely no interest in the opposite sex. They do nothing for him. If another MAN were to flex...hmm, that armored kilt may not be long enough. He of course would never share this fact with anyone. So he puts on a grotesque show of masculinity to disguise it.

Arbitus really misses Rome and would like to return there some day.


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Arbitus has had the benefit of an extensive Roman education. He can read and write Latin and Greek. He has learned some of the local languages but their written components are still something he is studying.

His education has also taught him the basics of archetectural wonders like aqueducts, roads, arches, and domes. He also understands mass-unit tactics like shield walls and fortifications. His mind is highly trained in the arts of war.

He is strong and a formidable fighter in one-on-one combat. But Arbitus uses the tools to which he has access to their greatest advantage. He can, in short order, build an army out of livestock (if neccessary) that will be much much more than the sum of its parts.

Arbitus does not have a personal code of honor but he is motivated by justice and order. He respects law above all else.


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Arbitus wears the "uniform" of a Roman legionaire. Helmet, Breastplate, Greaves (shin guards), shield, sword, and short cape. He wears a kilt made of leather strips.

He is always in his armor except on very rare occasions.

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